Friday, September 30, 2016

September and Me || 2016


loving. My bed. Because vacation is grand, but no bed is MY bed and it's good to be home.
needing. To figure out what to do with the 750 pictures from Europe. I mean, overwhelm.
wanting. Some fall weather. 102 degrees just isn't cutting it.
writing. Blog posts and such. I'm inspired after two weeks away and BLESS.
reading. Eight Hundred Grapes. I'm late on this one but I can barely set it down.
watching. Survivor. We'd lost interest until this season: Millennials versus Gen X.
listening. To Jack Johnson's Curious George CD. And The Chainsmoker's "Closer".
wishing. Everyone could travel. Going new places is so mind-blowing and heart-expanding.
feeling. Inspired. So inspired. I've craved inspiration for months and now, it is here.
craving. Stuffing. Butternut squash. Smoked turkey. Mackintosh apples. Basically, all the fall food.
eating. A lot. Jet-lag is for sleep and a feeling of constant starvation.
drinking. Green tea in the rare morning chill (so rare).
smelling. Books. I loved my eReader on vacation (six books later), but I missed paper pages.
working on. Custom Christmas ornament options for this season. BE PREPARED.
contemplating. How to stuff more time in my day so I can do all the creative things. 


We were gone most of the month so there's not a whole LOT of September writings. But, I gave an adoption update letting you know where we're at in the process.

I was preparing to reopen the shop on Saturday, October 1st, but couldn't ignore that today's my Popsicle's birthday. So, it's open NOW. The month will come with some Christmas offerings and a few (more) new globes that I'm hoping will make you smile (or buy).

I finally read Harry Potter (just the first book) for this month's #Collaboreads. (For the next month, we're reading books with the word FALL in the title and, in case you wanted to know, I'm reading A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner -adore her writing.)


by Laila Ibrahim

Super Short Synopsis: This rich, deeply impactful, historical fiction stars, Mattie, an enslaved wet nurse, and her charge Lisbeth -a white babe of plantation owners- in their quest for freedom from the societal norms and a redefinition of their identities over the course of decades. 

My Thoughts: Gosh. I don't have enough kind things to say about this novel. The characters were real, relatable, heart-breaking, and perfect. The content painful to realize as part of America's history, but important to grapple with -especially in today's America. We need novels like this to remind ourselves of the healing that has started, but is still profoundly necessary. 

I found myself so invested in the pains and joys of the characters that tears were running down my face on our flight home from Europe. Thankfully, the complete stranger sitting next to me was asleep and Jason was enthralled in a movie so no one was aware of my reader's plight. This easily slips into the Top Five reads I've ever read and, goodness, I can't wait to recommend it all over the place. (I literally want to buy a half dozen copies of it and send it to every brave reader I know.)

Reminded Me Of: The Kitchen House, The Secret Life of Bees, and The Invention of Wings

The rest of my book reviews are going to be in a separate post because I've missed doing them here on the blog (plus I have a new format I want to try out). 

Three Nifty Things You Need to Know
This is here because I'm obsessed with her and missed her so when we were gone. 

1. There are 750 pictures on my phone from our two weeks in Europe. Yes, nearly a thousand shots of all the things we did for two weeks. And in lieu of a book that we order off of Apple or Snapfish, I've set my heart on making a paper moleskine into our trip book... So, I had to order a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures from my phone and the best way: Postal Pix. They're uploaded from my phone and that's all I have to do until the pictures arrive in our mail box!

2. My favorite lotion just released a new scent(?) and you NEED to know about it. I get it at Target in the natural skin care section for about $13.99.  It's coconut, but smells so faintly like vacation. No one else can smell it (so I'm not like a giant pina colada walking down the street) and it keeps my skin so nourished throughout the course of my day! 

3. We just finished registering at Target for baby Thomas and did you know they're so smart and made an APP?!? Yes, I just used my phone to scan the labels of the things we wanted instead of having to check in with the customer service (which is always busy at this start of school time of year). Maybe all the stores do this but, how cool is technology? 

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