Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Answer to Prayers || A Marriage Letter

Dear Jason,

Earlier this month I made a crockpot full of our favorite spaghetti sauce, boiled two bags of our favorite noodles, and served over a dozen of our neighbors. It was accidental -the way they all ended up in our backyard-, but oh the depth of purpose in those moments.

You see, we prayed to be a gathering place from the moment we married. We prayed that people would be comfortable enough to come, to sit and pour out, to know we'd pour back in. We prayed and our community grew with care and effort. Then we decided to buy a house. And our prayers changed.

We prayed for the doors to be unlocked, the rooms to be inviting, the neighbors to know how much we adore the act of gathering. And that Sunday evening, we had a full, full house. There were shrieks and tortoise rides, stampedes of small children up and down the stairs. There were moms relaxing around our American flag table on the patio and dads setting up the make shift movie theater out front. There was garlic bread and vinegar topped salad served with all kinds of conversation.

And in a small, hardly quiet moment: I knew our prayers had been answered. All the noise and chaos and the doors wide open were the result of faith well invested.

This extends. This extends to you -the way I prayed for a husband who adored me the way I loved him-, this extends to our town -the roots we've put down in the place where I was raised-, this extends to jobs -the steady, fulfilling places where we spend our days-, and it'll extend to our family.

Our prayers are heard. His will fulfilled.
Our hearts are led. His purpose kind.

Faithfully praying and loving by your side,

- - - - - - - - - -

This letter is one in a series of letters I write to remember mundane moments of my marriage that would otherwise slip away. I write with a dedication to hold tight to him and to remember how life looks right now at this very moment. The chance for these letters to shed light on our marriage before children for our children because they won't know us as newlyweds is a much loved and added bonus.

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