Friday, August 12, 2016

Five Audiobooks that Turned me Into a Listening Reader

A year ago, I would have adamently denied I couldn't make it through an audiobook. I'd have told you over and over again that I've tried, but they take too long and just don't capture me. But I would be lying.

Because a year ago, I was offered three months of free membership to, so I took it. I convinced myself that three free months would be of no risk to me but the wasted listening space. And, goodness, am I thankful I took the leap.

Of the seven books I read last month, four were audiobooks.

The perks of audiobooks are many. They're easy to pop into your ears when you go walking, when you're painting, when you're mowing the lawn, when you're running, when you're making dinner. They're portable and Audible's app is easy to use. They can be sped up, bookmarked, skipped through, and returned (because Amazon has a Great Listen Guarantee).

1. Pretty Baby
by Mary Kubica

One Line Summary: A random sighting from the window of a train leads to the loss and unraveling of two perfectly good women.

The Listening Factor: One of my favorite narrators (Cassandra Campbell) reads this one so I picked it up, the plot is SO TWISTED I couldn't put it down.

Great Time to Listen: While I cooked dinner.

2. The Martian
by Andy Weir

One Line Summary: One man is stranded on Mars and must survive for more than a year before help can return for him.

The Listening Factor: R. C. Bray, the narrator, is amazing, ABSOLUTELY amazing.

Great Time to Listen: While driving.

3. Where They Found Her
by Kimberly McCreight

One Line Summary: A dead baby is mysteriously dumped in a grove of trees by someone living in a small college town full of interesting characters; but who dunnit?

The Listening Factor: Four narrators, each unique in their character and performance. This ensures you won't get bored of listening to a single droning voice the end time.

Great Time to Listen: While I reorganized and purged our house.

4. Year of Yes
by Shonda Rhimes

One Line Summary: The director of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal issues a dare in the form of a novel: spend a year saying yes instead of playing it safe.

The Listening Factor: Audio clips of her speeches (which are part of her Year of Yes) illustrate the way her personal project plays out in the larger context of life.

Great Time to Listen: While I painted.

5. Eleanor & Park 
by Rainbow Rowell

One Line Summary: A sweet romance blooms between two teens who pride themselves on their unique personalities while life tries to draw them together and then push them apart.

The Listening Factor:

Great Time to Listen: While I ran alone and walked Hazel.

And these remain my five favorite audiobooks that (if I were a rereader), I'd listen to more than a single time. Before you go, drop your favorite audiobook in the comments (since I have a credit to spend and all)!

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