Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August and Me || 2016


loving. Summer dresses. I've been craving fall, but SUMMER DRESSES. 
needing. To practice slow. I've become a little bit frantic with my soul and, slow, slow, slow. 
wanting. More time in a day. There's SO MUCH to accomplish before our vacation.
writing. Our Europe Trip itinerary in my travel journal. SO CLOSE, it is SO CLOSE. 
reading. In The Land of Milk and Honey. The second in a series and LOVING it like the first. 
watching. The Summer Olympics. Well, that's what I spent the month watching. 
listening. To The Liturgists podcast. A renewed find that's got me all kinds of thinking. 
wishing. For all the space in my luggage, but thankful for the challenge of smart packing. 
feeling. Productive. I wanted August to be something great and it was. Oh how it was. 
craving. Figs. Figs galore. 
eating. Less carbs. Or at least trying to. I'm feeling five pounds heavier than I want to, so protein. 
drinking. Nutty Caramel K-cups at work. Saves the day every day at 3 PM. 
smelling. My Kenra hair spray. Smells like fruity delight! 
working on. Prayer journals and the extra-special floral globes I've been dying to complete. 
contemplating. Why it took me so long to get an eReader. I'm LOVING the digital books ya'll! 


I filled in some of the blanks about our foster to adopt journey... And then I gave an adoption update (that'll go up monthly) letting you know where we're at in the process.

There's a new piece in the shop and it's already made a SERIOUS wave with it's goodness. Custom orders ARE the bee's knees (especially if they inspire new product).

#Collaboreads came back with a vengeance and it's begging you to join our online book club next month. (For the next month, we're reading Banned Books and -confession- I'm FINALLY going to tackle the first Harry Potter.)

Speaking of the shop, it's closing down tomorrow and won't be open again until October! 


The One-in-a-Million Boy
by Laura McBride

You guys. This book.

I'm not a fan of hype around novels -so often it brings my expectations a few steps too high and leads to inevitable disappointment. But this one -it provides.

The illustration of unexpected love between Ona -a centurian- and an eleven-year-old boy scout who happens to be obsessed with numbers, birds, and world records -all things Ona ends up taking on as treasures in her own way after the young boy's passing.  Determined to make his legacy happen, Ona befriends Quinn and Belle (the boy's parents) with hopes they can work together to (1) reach his goals, (2) heal from the loss, and (3) make a world record. The friendships, motivation, and lessons that abound in the lives of the characters in the wake of the boy's death is an important conversation that we need.

This book is unexpected. It's slow in some spots, hard to work through because action is nearly stopped, but the end. Oh how the end justifies every ounce of working hard through those sticking points. Oh how the end brings about heartache because the characters have unexpectedly and blessedly become your friends.

It's a must read. 

Other mentions for the month of February:

Necessary Lies (review) || ★★★ 
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (review|| ★★★
When I Found You (review) || ★★★
The Sellout - for #Collaboreads || ★★★
We are Called to Rise (review|| ★★★
Lily and the Octopus  (review) || ★★★

Three Nifty Things You Need to Know
1. I'm pretty sure God made figs to be stuffed with goat cheese. He made them, stuffed them, broiled them for three minutes, and saw that it was good. Oh so good.

2.  I decided to get myself some new PJ shorts because it's a HOT summer and the two pairs I have aren't cutting it. So, I looked all over the internet and realized I didn't want to pay $20 for a pair of pajama shorts. Target came to the rescue and THESE are the best. They feel like I'm sleeping inside a pillow case with their soft cotton and loose fit. 

3. Let's talk about KindleUnlimited. Jason got me a Fire for our anniversary (yes, it's a REALLY early present), but he wanted me to have time to add some books before our trip, so I signed up for KindleUnlimited AND was thrilled when so many of the books come with audiobooks AND they sync with my Audible account. I feel like a winner -a double winner with the listening and reading and cloud updating! 

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