Monday, July 18, 2016

Seven Resources for Avid-Readers

My reading habit gets far more intense in the extra light (and warmth) of summertime. I'm one to finish three of four books a month, but the three glorious months that are marked by sunshine, pool time, and long days, I polish off closer to six or seven. This means I'm spending more on books and, while knowledge is priceless, I've been trying to be a bit more budget friendly in my habit.

1. Thriftbooks

Just placed an order last week after seeing a Thriftbooks sticker on someone's book-stagram. Imagine my thrill when I checked out their site and it was an online used book store. About a year ago, the used book store in our town went out of business -much to my soul's sadness now. So, Thriftbooks. You get free shipping after you spend $10.00 which is simple enough. Eight books later (at an order total of $28.00), I am a fan.

2. Reading friends.

The kind of friendship that blossoms because of books is the best sort of relationship. I feel like a bragger when I say, a half dozen of my closest friends became so through our undying love (and voracious appetite) for books. But this is where you can get the best value for your book by coordination - run any and all purchases by each other before you buy just to be sure you aren't double owning books.

3. Book Match-Making Sites

What Should I Read Next?

Using different algorithms and criteria, these sites attempt to provide you with a beloved blind book date. I've used them a few times with mixed results, but no harm done when things don't line up because it means you get to try the system out again.

4. Audible send-a-book.

This is a (relatively) new feature that Audible has installed in their mobile app. Basically, you're listening to a book and realize your best friend needs it in her life too. So, instead of texting her and telling her she has to read this book, you send it to her. A link arrives as a text and then she can download it into her library.

I've only done this a few times, so I'm not sure how the cost breaks down (I've only sent free ones), but the convenience is unreal.

5. Blogging for books.

Also Net Galley.
Also BookLook Bloggers.

If you're a blogger and you love to read, why wouldn't you take advantage of these free copies in exchange for a review business? There's no reason, that's why.

6. Little Free Libraries.

These are part of a precious and amazing grassroots literary movement. They operate under the "rule" of leave a book, take a book (though, no one's holding you to that). I am not a re-reader so I find myself with stacks of books I've finished and won't tough again. Enter, Little Free Library which can be visited and traded.

There is a map of LFLs, check out your town or the next city (they're worldwide) you visit -like we did in Denver!

7. Book Pod-Casts

I can't listen to audiobooks without needing some serious decompression from the story line and narrator of each story. So, I intersperse book-listening with literary pod-casts which can be challenging because I'm a snobby listener. Proof: I don't like to listen for more than an hour, 40 minute podcast is optimal. Mouth noises are caught by microphones and if I hear them I become obsessed and annoyed. No spoilers allowed.

What Should I Read Next?
Dear Book Nerd
Get Booked

So I've dropped all the resources and tips I've got.
What am I missing out on fellow bookworms? 

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