Thursday, July 28, 2016

July and Me


loving. The pictures Alexes took of me. They make me feel beautiful. 
needing. More time for paint and books in my days. 
wanting. Nothing. Right now, I am not in want. And I want that to continue. (Ironic.) 
writing. All over the place. In my journal, here, at The Rising. All over the place.  
watching. My succulents grow. Daily they get bigger and stronger and I love. 
listening. To Coffee and Crumbs podcast. SWOON. 
wishing. For a pedicure. The toes are looking pretty haggard. 
feeling. Prepared. And accomplished. And ready. Come on, adoption classes. 
craving. A poolside, swim up bar. Because isn't that what summer is for? 
eating. Jicama. Jicama with lime juice and Tajin. 
drinking. Iced lattes from the new coffee shop by my work (death of me). 
smelling. My desk at work. It smells like pho and I wonder who owned it before me. 
working on. A new line of really detailed, floral globes that I (sort of) want to keep. 
contemplating. The book of Luke. Man, Jesus is fascinating. 


We can't get pregnant. But we want kids. So, we're adopting and we're over the moon.

I have some sweet tips for serious readers in my life.

Otherwise, I'm just finished up peptalking on Instagram because I can't handle the daily pressure.


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
I mentioned in my coffee date post that I was in a serious reading rut that made me sad because BOOKS. I mentioned it and then remembered that my mom had sent me Eleanor & Park on Audible (which is an amazing new feature that I love). At the same time, she was out of town for the week so I decided to start listening to a book while tackling my morning run. And then I just couldn't stop listening. 

The charm of Eleanor & Park was multi-layered and wonderful. It is everything I've come to expect from Rowell and more. After reading Attachments, I didn't know if I would be happy with another love in an unlikely way story from Rowell, but this. This is sweet and wonderful and made me feel good inside. My heart was warmed by the two main characters -high school students- and their ability to be more mature than their peers. My high school self was wishing I'd known them in my formative teen years.

And the ending (no spoilers!) is what I love in the ending of books: honest and good, but not perfect. It's not what you want for Eleanor and Park, but it is. It's not fairy tale, but life is not fairy tale. It's the right amount of closure and optimism and The End. Secretly, I'm hoping the way it felt like the door was mostly closed, but not all the way shut on the two characters is because Rowell will resurrect them for us later (#literarywishes). 

Other mentions for the month of February:

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry (review|| ★★★★★
The World's Strongest Librarian (review) || ★★★
Modern Lovers (review) || ★★★  * didn't finish this one
Before the Fall (review) || ★★★
The Bride(zilla) of Christ (review) || ★★★    
The Boston Girl (review) || ★★★    
Kingdom Come (review) || ★★★★★

Three Nifty Things You Need to Know

1. Incorporate pictures and ignore lines while you do your sermon notes. I learned this from Rachel (girl's a jedi at being faithful) and it makes church so much more engaging because I'm listening but not attempting to write down ALL THE WORDS the pastor is saying. 

2. If you crush charcoal (like you use in your grill) and put it in the bottom of your succulent planters (like mason jars, tea cups, or pots), it'll absorb water and keep things fresh in the soil which will keep your succulents healthy. 

3. COLLABOREADS. It's back. The beloved, online book club is BACK. It returns this month with a new (random) criteria for you to take with you to the library. And then, head back here and we'll link-up on August 24th to talk all about the book each of us picked. YES, LET US READ COLLABORATIVELY. So, the criteria: 

Read a book by an author that is a different ethnicity than you. 

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