Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Five Joyful Reads for Your July

This month I'm working really hard on slowing down my pace and hopping into the gorgeousness that is summer days. Longer evenings and bright mornings are the song of my soul. So I've been getting more reading in before and after work which has led to a growing list of books I want to read.

I've struggled finding the perfect poolside book this year. I know there's lists floating around and recommendations all over the place, but I'm in a weird place where I don't want too much fluff or too much weight to any book that I pick up. I want substantial characters and interesting plot, but there doesn't need to be a happily ever after or dreary turn of events. Yes, I'm being insanely picky.

So, I wrote myself a list of five books that are perfect for poolside reading. And then I decided you might want to see the list too. So here you go:

Where'd You Go Bernadette

This one is perfect for those suffering from wanderlust and Real Housewives of all the cities lover. Read this to get your dose of drama in without having to endure the actual consequences. This is a page turner that had me BEGGING the world for more time in my day.

Year of Yes

This one is for inspiration, motivation, boldness. Read this later in the month when you're winding down the relaxation vibes and getting ready to get back to hard work. Have a highlighter and page flags ready because wisdom overflows from the pages of this book.

Counting by Sevens

This one has tinges of sad, but is overall so much good. Everyone should read it. Honestly, I don't have words for the way I truly adored this novel. Willow, the main character, is a heart stealer. From page one until the close, you'll be thinking of Willow's fate and humor and intelligence and tale.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

This is for the dog lovers out there. Because dogs all the days of my life. If you want a book to listen to (hi Audible!) THIS IS IT. The narrator is perfect, the story lends itself to being spoken, and the only problem is you'll be dying to know how it all turns out.

Lizzy and Jane 

This is for sisters, for friends, for girl tribes alike. There's sad, but it's outweighed by SO MUCH good. And the close of the novel will leave you with a hunger for more of these characters from Reay.

As a bonus, three reads that are on my Summer Reading List for you to peruse, add to your own, encourage me to read, or tell me to skip.

Because dogs. Because loving something while it dies. Because the cover is adorable. Because everything about this book says easy to read, bring me to tears, and yet flood my heart with love which are the essential elements to a glorious reading experience.

All of Us and Everything 

Because Kelsey recommended it. Because it's the story of some girls. Because there's relationship and life and transition as themes that are explored (which are also playing out as big parts of my life right now).

A Man Called Ove

Because elderly people are precious. Because unlikely friends. Because neighbors who turn out to be more important to your life than simply being the person next door. Chance meetings -even bad luck kind of chance- are beautiful, redemptive things and, well, redemption is currently my obsession.

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