Thursday, June 2, 2016

Public Service Reminders v. 2.0

Last month I posted three small Public Service Reminders and they were met with great response. So, the PSA system will become a new series to kick off each month on the blog. It'll allow us three small lessons to learn from and live through. It'll be a triad of perspective makers for the thirty day period ahead.

- - - - - - - - -

My mom and I are training for a marathon (we run this weekend). A few weeks ago we ran our last long run -twenty-one miles. We packed up our gel pouches and joked about some magic running jelly beans that were going to make all the difference for our run. 

I cannot believe I'm saying this, but that twenty-one mile run was the most enjoyable distance I've ever covered. 

And that's all in thanks to the magic running beans. Because, it turns out, your legs and your body crave sugar and caffeine and salt when you're sweating and exerting for miles and miles. We finished our run with a wild high-fives and some pictures for Instagram proof. But I haven't stopped thinking about the magic running beans and how confident they make me about the impending 26.2. 

This is a public service reminder: Fuel is vital. 

So read your bible or listen to a TEDTalk or sing along to all of Adele's albums. But don't -I repeat don't- pretend like the fluff and fun of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter contain everything your soul needs. 

- - - - - -

I left the doctor in tears a few weeks ago. Jason and I went expecting a hint of bad news and a lot of conversation about options; instead, we left with a big, bold, black storm cloud. It wasn't so much the news as the way the doctor shared it with us. 

It came with a shrug and a nod and the handing over of a business card. Go somewhere else, she said after changing the course of our lives as we know it. She quickly rose and whisked her white lab coat out of the room. I didn't have time to ask for my lab results before her assistant came in to show us to the exit.

This is a public service reminder: Bedside manner is important in all parts of life. 

Just because you aren't donning a white coast, doesn't mean you aren't rendering aid to someone who's hurting. Your words, your hug, your email or text can make someone's day easier or harder. So, handle each other with care and kindness even when it's so hard to do. 

- - - - - -

Confession: I was terribly upset with an accounts receivable girl at one of our big vendors just a few months ago. She'd let old invoices -two years old to be exact - sit and accumulate without calling me. Then she put our account on hold. 

When I called to clear the situation up -the invoices were missing entirely from our system- she asked me why I don't review statements. Because I don't receive them OBVIOUSLY was my less than gracious response. They were sent over, the bills paid, and I felt embarrassed. 

Well, I talked to her again this week with a single question about a recent missing invoice and she told me good-bye. She's going home to be with her babies and she's thrilled. She said, It's been a pleasure to work together and thank you for being so kind. I was floored. My mean tone had haunted me for all this time. 

This is a public service reminder: Forgiveness is a blessed thing.

Don't hold on to that grudge. Just don't, please. Because you're doing a disservice to yourself and to the kind people around you. You may have caught someone on a terribly bratty, rude day. And, your forgiveness will impress them -as it did me. 

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