Monday, June 27, 2016

On Healing the Hurt with Intentional Words [An Announcement]

[Part 1] 

June was a hard month for all the people. There was mourning and heartache for those lost in Orlando, for the heaviness that results from political campaigns, for those without fathers and those aching to be fathers. There was pain in our hearts, a feeling of smallness in our souls, a hopeless, helpless break in our hearts.

We slowed down and sat still. We were distracted and tearful. We grieved and rested and June held all it's blues. June was hard.

And now, July is here. July is here to remind us of the way that time passes, the healing happens, even if just a small bit at a time. A piece, a piece, a piece and it all comes together without our realizing. It all comes together until it's complete and we're here, in July.

Today, today is a new month for us to grasp and savor. Welcome friend. Welcome warmly to July.

[Part 2] 

When my dad died, when we found out kids weren't in our cards, when PMS hits especially hard, I look. I look hard and desperate for a band-aid. I feel the wound gaping and holey in my heart, all the emotions pouring forth, and I know I need some shreds of hope to stuff into the void.

Inspiration is that for me. Words like Hannah's, like Alexandra's, like Allison's. Prayers like Emily's. Songs like Bethel's. Oh goodness, I seek as hard as Hazel digging for a bone in the backyard. I need that thing, that one thing that's going to fit just right over the hole in my heart. It's inspiration, blessed and divine, that always does the trick.

[Part 1 + Part 2 = Part 3] 

So, I'm providing a small salve in my own small way this July. It's a daily application, little by little kind of healing that's an attempt at doing my part. It's my way of putting out good in the places I can. And, where better to be dedicated than online.

Every day in July there's going to be a pep talk on my Instagram.

Some short, some long, always aiming to inspire you. The goal: find light and be it.

July days are long and full of light. They're warm and serve as a cozy hug from a kind mama in the midst of our year. They're slower and more savory, willing to have you bask in their warmth.

Friends, we deserve a good, inspired July.
We deserve the healing and promise July holds for us.
We deserve small things done with great, exploding love (as Mama Teresa instructs us).
Be part of it here.

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