Friday, June 24, 2016

On Gift-Giving Problems -and Solutions- with Uncommon Goods (Also, A Giveaway)

I want to be the friend with the coolest gift. I want to give the unique gift, the off-the-wall unexpected present that garners at least a few oohs and aahs. Wedding gifts and baby showers are easy and fun. But gift-giving has become more challenging when it comes to Jason. He's a man that's not in want of anything but more workout shirts and a new fishing pole -all good, but not that much fun for my creative soul.

Jason's birthday and our anniversary are only a week apart which leads me to struggle with multiple ideas.When we got married it seemed so smart, but now -five years in- I find myself starting to stress come August 15th. I know what's coming up and, while I'm so excited to celebrate him and us, I become obsessed with finding the perfect, out-of-the-box gifts.

Enter the solution to my problem: Uncommon Goods.

Uncommon Goods works with artists -life goal to be a part of selling on their space- and small manufacturers throughout the world (I find myself buying products based on their backstory which is often featured in the listings) to make unique gifts available to us -the creative gift givers. I ended up with a cart full of ideas and some buyer's overwhelm... Though it seems important to admit that some of the products were more for me than Jason. 

Wine and beer ended up being the two unique themes running through my basket so I decided to honor them with a beer cap U.S. map (which has now become an arguing point because where do we hang it?) and a personalized Venn Diagram cutting board for our newest culinary obsession - the charcuterie. Uncommon Goods has an astonishing (literally, amazing) selection of products that can be personalized to your taste or name. Check them out here. Seriously, check them out.  

Now our biggest decision of the day is wine or beer? 


Also, bonus points: I did jump on this ridiculously adorable can of sprinkles because LOOK. They're like a unicorn and rainbow and magical tortoise got together and made sprinkles that are perfect for any and every day use. I'm almost so overwhelmed by how cute they are (check out that tiny scoop) that I am afraid to use them. But, sprinkles are made of sugar and sugar is what makes people happy so used they will be. 

And in case you couldn't come up with all the amazing daily uses for sprinkles yourself... The label gives you suggestions on how to incorporate them into your diet. (French fries with sprinkles certainly grabs my interest.) 

You made it. You made it all the way to the end which deserves a unique gift of it's own. And, lucky for you, I'm such a fan of Uncommon Goods I wanted to share their Goody-Goodness with you in the form of a $25.00 gift certificate to spoil yourself (although, spending just $25 is nearly impossible.)

How do you enter? 

Simple check out Uncommon Goods unique gift guide and let me know what you'd get for a special him in your life (dad, boyfriend, husband, brother) and what you'd get for her (you, mom, sister, best friend). You'll get one entry for each answer.

This giveaway will be closed on Monday, June 27th at 11:59 PM. The winner will be randomly selected through a number generator and subsequently notified via email on Tuesday, June 28th.

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This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions and reviews are my own. 
Seriously, their products (and customer service) are amazing. 

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