Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June and Me || 2016


loving. Sunflowers taller than our house with faces bigger than my head. 
needing. All the international flight tips and tricks -help!
wanting. Summer dresses. All the summer dresses. 
writing. Emails. Left and write I'm writing emails and, goodness, I enjoy my people.  
reading. All the books. Allll the books. I drew a summer reading stack in my journal and love. 
watching. The Real Housewives of Orange County. Welcome back my beauties! 
listening. To Johannesburg by Mumford and Sons. SWOON.  
wishing. On fallen pennies and shooting stars -two things I can't stop noticing. 
feeling. Hopeful and overwhelmed and thankful. Lots of feelings really. 
craving. Some cool days (or hours) that aren't sponsored by air conditioning. 
eating. Nachos all the livelong day. Carbs, cheese, ALL THE SPICY toppings. 
drinking. Water. Lots and lots of water. Because it's good for your energy, skin, brain. 
smelling. Soap and Glory lotion. Be gone dry hands and feet!
working on. A renewed obsession with bible study. 
contemplating. What to read next. This happens weekly. 


June was a doozy in the best possible way. We did a million and one fun things launching summer into an already amazing reality. Blogging was wonderful. The shop was good. And life, well, I adore mine. 

I ran a marathon. Then wrote about it in regards to the creative process

June, finally, held bible study consistency for me. It isn't perfect or always joyful, but it's now getting done and that in itself is a blessed, blessed thing.

And the shop, it's one year old now! Some new interesting, fun pieces are headed over your way in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes out! 


Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom

Goodness. Goodness. Oh my goodness. There aren't enough positive words to talk about the many ways I truly, deeply adored this book. 

First, this is the sequel to Grissom's The Kitchen House. I am always a guarded reader of sequels because the first is ALWAYS the best. However, Grissom has blown The Kitchen House out of the water with her ability to maintain the plot and premise of the original book WHILE simultaneously bringing out an entirely new and lovely story line in book two. The way we all grew to love and adore all of the characters in The Kitchen House is matched (and exceeded) in Glory over Everything.

Grissom's ability to switch between characters' perspectives while weaving an overarching story line is unmatched. Where she ended in The Kitchen House, she started in Glory Over Everything yet the plot points were anything but expected. Grissom is able to tap into the pain and injustice of the early 1800s so poignantly you're there among her cast. 

This is a must read. An absolute, definite MUST READ.

Other mentions for the month of February:

The Poisonwood Bible (review) || ★★★★
Code Name Verity (review) || ★★★
Vinegar Girl || ★★★★
The Midwife's Confession (review) || ★★★

Three Nifty Things You Need to Know

1. Did you know there's thirsty coasters you can buy? Yep, beautiful sandstone coasters that drink up all the water that sweats off of your water bottle. They've saved my drippy desk life at work.

2. It's worth spending the extra three dollars for the nice spaghetti sauce. I randomly bought a jar that was on sale and spent $6 instead of $3. Survey of Jason and I says: never going back. 

3. Summer months are here and hot and you know who doesn't like heat? Hazel. BUT, I made her pupsicles. They're simple and she LOVES. Just put some broth in a plastic cup, drop half a carrot in as the stick, and freeze. 

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