Monday, May 23, 2016

Upsold: A Post on Mistaken Motivation

I got my oil changed in my car last week. My ordinary serviceman was out for the day, so I had to deal with someone else. I had to deal with a younger, more hungry man who wanted to sell me a half dozen things I've never been told I need. I tried to ask educated questions and fight off the sales' techniques, but I couldn't run in his ball park. So, I agreed to the oil change and said I'll worry about the other items on the list later. He wasn't thrilled, but I wanted to take a minute to let the upsell wear off.

I talked to my regular serviceman the following day. He said I did a good job waiting that I still have 10,000 miles before I really need to be concerned about the services. He said he was sorry for his absence and sorry about a coworker who might have made me feel pushed around. I didn't mind because, while I don't like the upsell, I fall for it all the time.

Blogging course? Must have organizational application? Creativity book you need to read?

I've done it. I've heard it. I've bought and believed. I've begged those suggestions to be the answers to my question, only to be frustrated when they don't get the work done.

Friends, we are being upsold. 

We are being told we need this app to change our productivity, that book to encourage our creativity, and this tea to flatten our belly while stimulating our mind. It's tempting like sugar and wine and tacos. None of it is inherently bad or dangerous until we look at the state of our hearts. Because nothing says I need to reevaluate my dreams like consuming every answer and suggestion without any progression.

We're big and bold dreams with couch potato spirits.

We're watching other people achieve and do, feeling jealous, and then buying just a few more productivity promising tricks.We're looking at this hustle and that movement with wildly emotional eyes. Instead of distracting ourselves with a dozen blank journals, we've got to put in the work.

You were born with what you needed to accomplish your dreams. You were made to be colorful, bold and bright. You don't need anything but your heart and determination. So, stop buying all the busy distractions and clear out your mental (and probably physical) space.

You deserve to see the world beyond your spot on the couch. 

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