Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May and Me || 2016


loving. Sally Hansen Complete Manicure nail polish. This stuff covers well, stays nice for a week, and comes in all the beautiful bright colors.
needing. A shopping fast. Stinking online shopping gets me EVERY TIME. 
wanting. More Pixie shorts from Old Navy (they really don’t get enough credit for their clothes).
writing.  Notes and thoughts and feelings and plans in my new notebook.
reading. Three books at one time -OVERWHELM. 
watching. Gilmore Girls for the first time ever. (Because my mom said to.)
listening. To Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman. AWESOME. 
wishing. There were just a couple more hours in a day.
feeling. Peaceful. Life’s attempting to be stressful lately and perspective is a glorious thing.
craving. A massage and mimosa.
eating. Fire-honey salmon and portabello panang curry and cherries.
drinking. Vanilla Crème Puff Donut Shop coffee.
smelling. Hazel’s sleepy smell. It’s a cross between Frito and hamster and it makes my heart smile.
working on. Globes on globes on globes (like the amazing astrological one below). 
contemplating. Our anniversary vacation in the fall. Because WHY NOT? 


I started my third bullet journal and made some updates. Seriously, I love this organizational process. 

Creativity's been a waxing and waning thing for all my days of May. But, I realized, I wanted things to fix it and those things were a reflection of a hole in my motivation.

I fell behind on my #100daysofpaintingbreakfast, but am playing catch up by making creative space in my life


The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
The most divine sort of heartbreak is this book. The most painful, beautiful, real kind of writing happens within the pages of this novel and, whoa. Every moment that gives a slight moment of foreshadowing is obliterated in the way Grissom manages to move plots in the most unexpected of twists and turns. Neither plot nor character lead this novel, but history itself manages to run as the leader of your reading experience.

Comparing this to "The Help" is doing it a disservice as the segregation and pain contained within the pages of this novel are nothing akin to "The Help". No, this book is rich in the emotional wringing it puts you through. Whether you care for Belle or Lavinia (the two main characters and perspectives of the story) doesn't matter because you can't help but become invested in the difficult politics of plantation life.

The writing is gorgeous. Grissom gave us a gift with this one -expertly balancing between description and events, character and plot. She managed to flip perspectives flawlessly, bringing life to both Belle and Lavinia without favoring one over the other. Grissom paints a picture with her arrangement of words and plot points... You won't be able to set it down despite the heavy -at times, oh-so-heavy- emotional spaces found within the covers of The Kitchen House.

Other mentions for the month of February:

Year of Yes (review) || ★★★★
The Bronte Plot (review) || ★★★
Counting by Sevens (review) || ★★★★

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