Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bullet Journal Update || Take 3

I am two weeks into using my third bullet journal and, as is tradition, I’ve made some changes between Journal 2 and Journal 3.0. With the close of my last bullet journal, I realized I’ve got a much better hold on how to make these blank pages of opportunity work for my life. The balance is between organization as a motivational tool and organization as a distraction. I'm working hard to be more of the first and less of the second. 

And, in the blogging about creativity , I wanted to share the updates with you. 
Call Notes: I used to write notes from work calls on random envelopes or slips of scrap paper. Then I’d throw them away and be confused about how it disappeared. So, I’ve started writing down notes in my bullet journal. Notes from business calls, meetings, and voicemails all go with a date right into my trusty Moleskine. Then, when I have a question or need to revisit I know RIGHT where they are. (Plus, adding calls that need to be returned under my To Do List ensures I actually return them.)  

Four Day Spreads: I know there are some serious bullet journal gurus who lay out their daily and weekly spreads beautifully. I’ve seen them and admired them, but don’t have the dedication myself. But last month I was sitting at our kitchen table looking over my week (we were moving the office) when I decided to lay out my days on a single two-page spread. The heavens opened and angels sang over my organizational epiphany because GENIUS. The four day spread has helped me prioritize, prepare, and foresee any time crunches or stressful days that lay ahead. 

Editorial Calendar: I know people have had these for years. I know every blogger tells you what a God-send they are. And yet, I’ve never once dedicated myself to one because it felt constricting. In March I was feeling extra-organizational and laid out April’s content. Then in April I skipped doing it for May. What a mistake. I adore knowing what I need and when. Pictures, content, tweets, and batching my work has become hundreds of times easier because my mission and purpose are clear.  

Blog Ideas Layout: Mr. Thomas and Me isn’t the only place I write. I am a regular contributor over at The Rising and adore the chance to put words out alongside some of the internet’s most wonderful people. But, this requires me to have a little foresight on the weeks I need to send over my pieces to be published on The Rising. I write two different types of pieces –faith-based and book-centric- for The Rising and so, I’ve started logging ideas in a new layout that helps my brain when it comes time to write the pieces. 

Mileage Tracking: Every June my cousin hosts an online running challenge. It’s fun, hard, and makes me crazy about mile tracking. I did another one in January and spent the month tracking my distance traveled each day. I love to see the miles I cover in any given month, so I made myself a way to easily glance at how much ground I’ve covered each month. 

ABC of Reading: In an effort to bring more thought and variety to my reading, I started logging my books in a list form in my bullet journal. This doesn’t replace GoodReads or my beloved book journal, but gives me an overview of sorts. But, what’s a list without some organization? Nothing. So, I added alphabetical order to it and SWOON. 

Random Quote Pages: I accidentally did this with my word of the year. I mean to write it on the next blank page in my journal, but skipped a few because they were stuck together. The randomness bugged me, until I decided to write the word a few more times throughout the remainder of the pages. Then, I stumbled upon the words randomly over the course of time. What a lovely surprise I made for myself! So, I’ve enhanced it this time around by picking out some fun and inspirational quotes, writing them throughout the journal, and now, time will have its way with me. 

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