Monday, April 4, 2016

Seeking a Morning Routine

I spent much of March performing what I so unaffectionately call fire drill mornings. You know the type of mornings where you race out the door like your hair is on fire because you can't seem to remember that you need to be in the shower by 7:30 a.m. or you're going to be late out the door an hour later? Yes, fire drill mornings.

They're the worst. But they're the most terrible, horrible, hated thing when you do them day after day for more than a week. It is that tenth day when your hair is still damp and your brain is fried that you realize, you need a better plan. That's when you acknowledge things like:

  • For the last week you've been ten minutes late to work every day. (The only thing I hate more than fire drill mornings is being late despite my best efforts to be on time.)
  • You long for a good breakfast (hey, bacon and eggs and avocado) but because of the time crunch eat nothing
  • Your lunch is a random collection of snack foods, none of which you particularly like or want to eat in a few hours when the rumbling of your empty stomach is too much.

And this is when the dawn of a new month seems blessed. Because as much as I want to pretend a morning routine will fall upon me one night in my dreams, I know it's about approaching the foundation of each day with intention.

So, I have some morning routine goals for the month:

1. No social media until after 8:00am.

2. Pick out my outfit before I go to bed.

3. Do NOT try and package orders before work.

4. Stop eating breakfast in a fire drill.

These are all intentional choices. Ive thought them through (as best as I can when I'm speeding to work and angry with myself). And I'm hoping the thought behind the rules will help my dedication to follow them. So, let's check in at the end of April?

But before that, GIVE ME YOUR TIPS. 
How do you make mornings less fire drill and more foundational? 

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