Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's Talk about Breakfast. Also Named my #100DayProject

Earlier this month I mentioned that my mornings are nuts. I set up some rules for myself and decided that I was going to be more intentional with the foundation of my day. It's been two weeks and I've reigned my morning routine in partially. I'm enjoying the slower movements and have been smiling over the way it's changed my days in their entirety.

And, in the new pace, I've discovered what I've known for years that my favorite part of my day is breakfast.

Eggs. Bacon. Cheese. Oatmeal. Crepes. Scones. Coffee.

Give me breakfast all the livelong day.

Then, in the midst of my new-found morning routine, Rachel texted me about the #100dayproject from artist, author, creativity mastermind, Elle Luna (please read her book if you haven't). She wanted to talk watercolors because she's bringing some color into her life. And then, she wanted to know about mine.

I had a dozen answers. I wanted to do all the things in all the ways. But there was one that just kept sticking and every morning it hounded me. It's an idea that comes with much thought and intention. It breathes color and space, but (most likely) won't turn into shop product which alleviates all the pressure that shop making can bring.

It looks like breakfast. Eggs. Bacon. Cheese. Oatmeal. Crepes. Scones. Coffee.

Give me breakfast all #100dayproject.

Yes, I'm going to spend the next 100 days drawing, painting, sketching breakfast. I'm going to dedicate myself to celebrating the meal that starts off (and steals my heart) every single day. I feel like a winner of the original idea award because #100daysofbreakfast actually has 0 posts right now.

Here's to making that 0 into 100 by July 27th.  

And you, what are you dedicating yourself to doing for the next 100 days (starting on April 19th)?

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  1. Ooh, I adore this idea. Definitely going to join in with something!


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