Friday, April 29, 2016

April and Me || 2016

loving. These sandals from Target because FAVORITES and glitter and toe strap.
contemplating. Where all this stuff in our office came from because SO MUCH TO MOVE. 
smelling. Flowers on the morning air while running. It's dreamy and magical. 
writing. In cards and sending them off. There's nothing like a trip to Papyrus to get your mail going.
reading. The Bronte Plot. I've been entrenched in some heavy, hard reading so this is a fun one.
learning. To use calligraphy tools -like the nibs and ink and cleaner. It's a whole new world. 
watching.  The First 48 as soon as it records. 
listening. To the Hamilton soundtrack because Broadway plays are lovely art. 
craving. Breakfast. I just want to eat eggs and bacon all the days of my life. 
needing. European vacation tips. Mostly all about Italy and the things we NEED to see.
wanting. To sit on the beach with a book and cocktail. Moving our office instead. 
eating. Oranges. They're so, so good this year. The strawberries aren't. 
drinking. Champagne. Because BUBBLES. It's like confetti in a glass. 
swooning over. My garden. The plants are green and luscious and I cannot wait for my first fruits.
feeling. Good -for the most part. Strong and hopeful and patient -for the most part. 
working on. My manuscript from #NaNoWriMo in 2014. Time is a balm and motivation.

I tackled morning routines and started my #100DaysofPaintingBreakfast which revolves entirely around my morning eats. 

I talked a lot about dreams and how some of them aren't really meant to be. I'm learning how to embrace that truth as painful or joyful as it can be.

The #confetticommunity is launched. Each month I'll share the moment that was most poignant or exciting or achieved with you because we don't do enough celebrating these days. 

My mom and I ran the hilliest half marathon in the west last weekend. Took us 1:55 and we almost cried as we raced over the finish line. The views were gorgeous, the weather toasty, the hills hellish. We've done this one several years in a row and this felt like the final time around the course. 


Where They Found Her
by: Kimberly McCreight

I picked this out during an Audible sale because it was included and I enjoyed "Reconstructing Amelia" just six months ago. McCreight's ability to tie together psychological thrills with current grey areas in society is unmatched. Her weaving and working together of multiple complicated story lines while maintaining clarity for the reader's sake is the shining star of this novel. 

At the start of the story I decided to jump on Goodreads and check out the other reviews only to find a litany of MEH. I was concerned all the complaints and criticisms would scream louder than McCreight's work but that was quickly silenced. As the characters and their flaws slowly came to the surface of the story line, I couldn't stop listening. I needed to know what the end of the story held for me and so I spent hours with ear buds in and the audiobook playing. The narrators they picked to speak through the novel were perfect selections.  

I enjoyed "Reconstructing Amelia" but I LOVED "Where They Found Her". It provided the thrills and twists that I haven't found since reading "Gone Girl". It filled a void in my reading life I didn't even know I had. 

Long story short: You won't be able to do anything else once you start reading this.

Other novels finished in the month of April:

The Art of Racing in the Rain (review) || ★★★
East of Eden (review) || ★★★
The Nest (review) || 
Five Days at Memorial (review) || ★★★
All the Light we Cannot See (review) || ★★★


The shop has been quiet and there because I'm busy working to restore a sense of wonder to my process. And so, I jumped into the #100daysofpaintingbreakfast with a heart happy to try something new, different, challenging. Creative business is fun ya'll. Fun but exhausting, so exhausting. And you've got to settle in to what fills you. Then balance consumption with output. 

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