Friday, March 4, 2016

Things Life Taught Me || Skin Care

It seems impossible that it's already March (I know that everyone is saying that), but I truly can't believe we're here in the final month of the first quarter of 2016. And, the only thing that shocks me more about time, is the fact that I turn twenty-seven this month. I'm obviously in some sort of bizarre denial because I still catch myself telling people I'm eighteen when they ask my age.

People say with age comes wisdom and so, for the month of March, I'm going to share some of the things I've learned in my 27 years of life. For today, skin care routines. Because it only took me all this time to realize what it takes to keep my skin calm and smooth.

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I'm a girl that's always struggled with my skin. Always. I've tried a little bit of everything -short of Accutane- and only got real results from low-level antibiotics taken daily. This is all good and fine until you want to have a baby. Then they recommend putting nothing like that in your body. And so, my skin was free to go pimple-tastic on me. And it did.

The luxury of skipping a nightly face wash is something I do not know. In fact, I cringe when people say they don't take their make-up off at night because I just imagine ALL THE CLOGGING in the pores. The washing of your facial skin is important, refreshing, and quickly becomes craved. (Confession: washing my face now feels almost as lovely as removing my bra at the end of a long day. Almost.)

In November I took a picture that mortified me because my skin was a total mess. I refused to let pimples be a deterrent of life and photos, but I resolved to find a way to get my skin back in order. And I feel confident in saying I've balanced things out with a litany of fails and a few solid wins (knock on wood).

Having an awesome line-up of face cleaning product not only helps clear your skin, but makes the process enjoyable. Enjoyable enough to border on the line of fun. So, my three favorite products:

I really struggle getting all of my make-up off each night. It's the black eye liner and my black mascara (which is not waterproof) that seems to hang around to give me a side of raccoon eyes with my morning bed head. If you're ready to jump all the way in on these, the bulk price for these on Amazon is a WIN.

The Neutrogena cleanser is my night scrub while the Europen Wax Wash is my morning product. I use the European Wax product as a body wash, but also as a facial cleanser. It has little scrubby things in it that don't melt or fall apart and I love the way it smells.

Just put it on a cotton ball and go to town. The smell is fantastic and it won't burn your eyes so any mascara that manages to hang around thus far will now be eradicated.

NOW, this is the part where I need to explain. I started using the following two things based on recommendations from Amazon reviews and Instagram -the two most trustworthy of sources, yes?.

I use this as spot treatment. The same ingredient that makes your sinuses clear up does wonders for your skin (or at least this is what I'm guessing). Plus, the thicker, oily texture of the rub helps keep my breakouts from getting TOO dry which is a DIFFICULT reality that I'm learning to balance.

Amazon told me I needed this. And it was on SUPER sale so I bought it because there were claims it would help restore skin that is inflamed or has scarring. Jason and I both put it on our faces while we watched Cops last week. It's a LOVE. The mask is thick, so it helps to use some water to spread it. But OH MY SOUL, my face is so smooth. Seriously, so smooth.

I've added a couple things that I do weekly, instead of daily.

I use it twice weekly with the mircodermabrasion head and their crystal cleanser. Sometimes I use it to buff my skin in the shower too, but that's more rare.

I use this after the microderm brush and the face mask. It helps put some moisture back in my skin and the combination of the rosehip oil and Vitamin E are skin-restorative. I'm hoping this will help with some of the acne scars that I have (curses!).

Whoof. That's a lot of recommendations. But most of them are available at your local drugstore (or Target). And I promise that they're within your budget because I refuse to be fancier than what I can pick up on my grocery run.

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