Monday, March 7, 2016

On Listening | A Creative Process Post

I feel I must first confess that I need noise when I make or write or settle myself down to pour anything out of myself. I can't stand the way silence seems to attack my brain into an insecure, lonely place that completely stops up my ability to make. I don't always listen to the same thing; in fact, I've found that some days are better fueled by music while others thrive with some Netflix playing in the background.

Today we cover all the noise that, each in their own way, enhances my process.


My love and addiction to Podcasts now runs stronger than the ocean's waves.  Last month, I ran into a series of Podcasts that not only captured my attention, but had me listening through their entire feed for inspiration. There's something about a motivational episode to make my evenings of creating more productive.

Being Boss: This one covers the ins and outs of small creative business ownership. From wedding coordinators to musicians to authors to Etsy owners, every episode contains helpful tidbits of information as well as inspiring chunks of creative conversation. It's a well-rounded meal for your ears and creativity!
Start with this Episode: Creating Content with Erica Midkiff
Chasing Creative: I've listened to almost every Podcast that contains Elizabeth Gilbert, Anne Lamott, or Elle Luna in the title and, while they light a fire under my soul, they feel out of my league. Attempting to tie my thought process and creative approach to theirs is challenging because of my day job and their previous successes. Enter Chasing Creative which shares the process of everyday makers and doers with dedication and professionalism.
Start with this Episode: Building Creative Community with Kayla Hollatz
What Should I Read Next?: Anne releases a new episode of this every Tuesday and I listen to it before I go to work because I need to know what is happening in the lives of other readers. I don't add every recommendation to my TBR list, but I do spend much more time reflecting on why I pick out the books I do.
Start with this Episode: Book for Book Nerds with Tsh Oxenreider
Couragemakers: I'm going to admit I'm biased about Meg (the producer and adorable English accent behind this Podcast), but I adore her heart behind and passion about her BRAND NEW Podcast. The girl has reached out all over the world to all kinds of beautiful souls and is uniting them around the Courage Making campfire. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her guests (of which I am one!) are revelatory in their approaches to life!
Start with this Episode: Creating from the Margins with ME! 


The Martian: I am not a science fiction reader. But the narrator of this audiobook is undeniably wonderful. This one is good for when you need a step outside of your comfort zone both mentally and literature-ly.

East of Eden: Perfect for the moments when you're thinking on nature. Steinbeck's ability to describe the beauty of his environment is unparalleled. Doodle or paint while you're listening to this one. The length is daunting (25 and a half hours) but the writing is unparalleled.

The Coincidence of the Coconut Cake: This is a sweet, easy listen. But Lou's quest to find her identity through food and cooking will resonate all throughout your own creative process. You'll make it through this in a breeze.


Sia's This is Acting: Haunting. That's what I want to call this album and not in the eerie music kind of way. This album is composed moistly of tracks Sia wrote for other popular artists -Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Rhianna- that were rejected. Though the pieces weren't meant for her, Sia adds a depth and beauty to each lyric with her vocals and emotional engagement. She's a star; if it wasn't obvious before, it's undeniable now.
Favorite Track: Sweet Design (a J. Lo reject) 
NF's Mansion: If Eminem and Macklemore had a baby, NF would be it. There's the pairing of vocals with rap that made us all fall in love with Eminem and the social commentary that continues to draw us to Macklemore. Bonus points: no cursing so you don't have to worry about the ears that hear.
Favorite Track: I'll Keep On
Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece: If catharsis had a soundtrack, this album would be it. Clarkson's included all the things we love about her -intense vocals, catchy lyrics, and a few hard hitting tracks. This is a praise hands in the sky sort of album.
Favorite Track: I Had a Dream
What do you listen to? What music am I missing out on? 
Give me all the recommendations! 

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