Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March and Me || 2016

loving. Snow. I couldn't live in the snow, but goodness Lord could I live near it and ski regularly?
contemplating. Sabbath. Still. Thanks a lot Rachel.
smelling. My clean laundry. Am I the only one who changes detergents every time so the clean smell is always detectable?
writing. With these pens. I might have a new favorite in my life.
reading. Aloud. Well, actually audiobooks are reading aloud to me and I love it.
learning. How to use gouache paints via all the informative YouTube videos.
watching. What I'm eating. My mom and I signed up for a marathon. My goal is to beat 4:22 and not to gain any weight during training.
listening. Dr. Laura's Podcast because she makes long drives more entertaining.
craving. Another hike. We resolved to hike twelve times this year and so far, we're on track!
wishing. On birthday candles. I can't believe 27 is already here.
needing. A chance to play catch-up in my book journal. I'm behind, DESPERATELY behind.
wanting. To jet off to Europe and see all the pretty, art history things while eating amazing food.
eating. Birthday cake. And mason jar salads. And ALL the hard-boiled eggs. Balance ya'll.
drinking. Bubbly water. Specifically, La Croix.
feeling. Like I need to spend all day in the garden because BLOOMS.
working on. April's editorial calendar. I finally incorporated this into my bullet journal and LOVE having a loose plan of the month's content expectations.

Since I'm a year older, I got honest about the lessons I've learned about skin care, make-up tricks, and how to fall in love with exercise.

I got really honest about the struggle I feel when I open my bible and He doesn't seem to show up.

The month kicked off with an amazing opportunity, my very first podcast interview. Goodness, love Meg, love her heart, and love creativity. Give it a listen if you haven't.

This is a new addition now that the #confetticommunity is launched. Each month I'll share the moment that was most poignant or exciting or achieved with you because WHY NOT? Rachel and I believe that we should celebrate more of life's moments (big or small) and so, I'm starting with it here. 

Jason and my youngest brother convinced me to ride the cornice on our snow vacation earlier this month. I've (literally) never been so high and still have my feet on the ground. We all made it down, though I took a few wrong turns and worked up quite a nervous sweat. Living to tell a wild tale has me cuing the confetti. 


Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store 
I'd heard the title of this book a few times, but wasn't particularly interested in reading it for lack of knowledge. Then,'s big book sale came and this was one of the selections. I listened to the preview and adored the narrator's voice so I purchased it. From the moment the book started, I was spell-bound.

The plot and the inherent mystery of the 24-hour bookstore were enough to keep me engaged. Add to the story line, a funny, sharp narrator like Clay and I couldn't stop listening. The cast of colorful supporting characters is documented and on display in such detail that I was unable to put the book down until I KNEW what was going to happen to my new literary friends.

The book isn't perfect -there are some dragging lulls and missing pieces in the tale of the book store-, but the juxtaposition (and internal debate) of old knowledge and new technology is relevant now and for years to come. The infinite possibilities of the literary realm coupled with the unending evolution of technology bring forth a richness not yet seen in another novel.

Long story short: you owe it to yourself to read this. 

Other novels finished in the month of March:

The Burn Journals (for #Collaboreads) || ★★★
Dad is Fat (review) || ★★★
The Confessions of X (review) || ★★★
Secrets of a Charmed Life (review) || ★★★★


Animal-word association prints all over the place. This little adorable Aslan lion hangs on my studio wall beside his elephant friend and I just can't help but smile that this wild little dream I had one day has turned into a months long journey of making. 

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