Monday, March 21, 2016

Community and The Importance of Confetti

My favorite thing about birthdays are the celebrations that come with them. I adore the confetti and the balloons and the sugar and sometimes there are flowers too. I adore the singing and the embracing that happens in honoring the joy another person brings to your life. I adore it all and then it's over.

You have your twenty-four hours of ALL THE CELEBRATIONS and then, you're twenty-seven and a day. If you're lucky, you can claim a weekend evening for some extra shenanigans. But most of the time, you end up celebrating the rest of your year quietly. You end up celebrating with a cup of Starbucks or a pancake breakfast, but you keep it to yourself because you might seem like you're bragging or selfish or the like.

My birthday is tomorrow. I have my twenty-four hour run. But, I didn't want to leave my confetti celebrations in my twenty-sixth year. And so, today before I begin my twenty-seventh circle around the sun, I introduce you to Rachel and I's newest, grandest collaboration:

This Instagram community (both @confetticommunity and #confetticommunity) will be our (the collective kind of our) celebratory place. It'll be a year round party honoring the BIG and small wins of life alongside one another because we don't do enough of that nowadays.

I am beginning to celebrate my twenty-seventh year with a new list in my bullet journal. It's labeled Goals.  It isn't simply business and blogging goals, but the biggest of personal dreams too.  Quite honestly, it gives me a shiver to see my wild hopes scrawled over the dotted page of my Moleskine. But, I owe it to  myself. And, in making both small steps and large leaps toward my goals, I get to embrace (and be embraced by) the Confetti Community.

The logistics are simple: use #confetticommunity and/or tag @confetticommunity in your Instagram posts. Share the small steps and large leaps of your dream-chasing days. And, be prepared to be featured because the best part of celebrating is the part where you're the center of attention.

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