Monday, February 1, 2016

The Magic of Watercolor and Prayers

A beautiful prayer is like a delicate watercolor painting hung from your grandmother’s wall. It’s careful and attentive, proud of its detail and depth, cherished because of the place it hangs and the person who owns. It captures your attention for hours, though you don’t realize such time has gone by, begging you to fall deeper in love with each ounce of effort imbued upon its surface. Yes, a beautiful prayer draws you near, begs you deeper, and brings color to the black and white of life.  

The thing about watercolor is the detailed ways pigment and paper dance under the influence of water. It’s the way the simple, everyday pieces come together in a divine romance that makes art. And, I believe, prayer is the same. It starts with small words and commonplace pinings of the heart that are transformed by our longing, trusting spirit. Like watercolor, the combination comes together and creates art.

Because maintaining a prayer life is a creative endeavor.

And so, I’m spending the month of February bringing together watercolor and my conversations with God. Pigment and paper and prayer life will dance in glorious. I've made no rules for myself, but that prayers and paint are united daily in worship of Him. I want there to be no pressure other than the work of coming to Him every day in conversation and praise.

Maybe there'll be some beautiful art. Maybe I'll be more comfortable with prayer on the other end of this. Maybe I'll fall further in love with Him during the most lovely of months of the year. The only sure thing is February holds goodness for me and that fact makes me ready for another 29 days of 2016.

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