Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent Romances

So, I've fallen in love with making. This isn't a new love for me, but it's (still) new for me to talk about it, to get to share what is deeply capturing my heart and creative efforts. I can't seem to stay away from the beauty that is 

Okay so here's one lettering course. It's cool because it comes with video AND with lettering sheets. Releases on Valentine's!  (Also, I LOVE the girl way the girl who made it writes.)

Or, if you're not wishing for classes, there's these sheets of brush lettering practice like you did as a kid in school when you learned cursive. I love how there's the shadow to trace and the price point is obviously lower than the more involved class from above. 

The pens that I love are these. They only come in black, but they're PERFECT for learning because the brush part isn't oo soft OR too hard. I struggled a lot with the other options.

This search in YouTube has TONS of awesome watercolor tips and tricks... Some are more basic while others are rich and interesting (I actually have this saved at home and watch through them while i paint). I haven't found a channel that I love which... Sucks. 

These are my FAVORITE set of watercolors that are the most traditional. The color is rich and beautiful. The other brand I love has a more gel-like quality which makes it low to dry (and easy to smear). 

I use this paper pad. You can easily use it for both the lettering AND the watercolor. Plus you can decorate the cover (which I've been meaning to do to the one that I have). 

I love watercolor pens. This pack of three is AWESOME and the little tanks on it are AMAZING.

OTHER THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW  Here's a dog collar shop. I get Hazel the wide collars in large because girl's got a neck on her that needs to be downplayed just a smidge. Plus, the collars come on time and are wonderfully durable. 

My mom suggested I use this make-up brush cleaner the other day when I was complaining the terrible soapy shampoo that is nearly impossible to get out of the bristles of my brushes. 

I've been struggling with my Instagram lately, so I decided to check out Helene's course* (finally) and I can't even begin to tell you how much content is flowing out of that woman. Whoof. I'm hoping it'll pan out in my Instagram game in the next couple weeks. 

Got my ATM website up and running and I've got to say, I'm thrilled. 


So, what are you fancying as of late? 

*This is an affiliate link, but my opinions about Helene's course are my own. 

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