Friday, February 26, 2016

February and Me || 2016

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loving. Old Navy rockstar jeans. Supposedly, they're mom jeans. Well, I feel like a HOT mom.
contemplating. My WHY in all things lately. Why do I do this? Why? Why? WHY?
deciding. To do it my way. There's so many rules about blogs, shops, social media. I'm saying no thank you. 
smelling. My make-up brushes. This cleaner makes them smell like a dream.
writing. All over the place. I've started a journal again and SWOON.
reading. Station Eleven (per Abigail's recommendation) and The Rescue Artist.
watching. Survivor. It's brains vs. beauty vs. brawn this season and I'm hooked!
listening. Sia's This is Acting. Rhianna's Work. Being Boss podcast. East of Eden audiobook.
craving. Pineapple. And this Cake Donut protein powder I got and LOVE.
remembering. The first days as Jason's girl from seven years ago. SEVEN YEARS. (Thanks to Facebook Memories.)
wishing. For rain. Rain means snow in the local mountains and we've got a trip planned...
needing. To see some life in my new garden beds. I planted everything and I WANT VEGGIES. No one's ever called me a patient girl.
wanting. Some graphic tees. I love the way they're styled on Pinterest lately, but I own ONE.
eating. Noosa yoghurt in ALL the flavors, but especially the coconut.
drinking. Iced coffee. It's like summer in CA, so coffee is cool and strong, please.
feeling. Grace. I'm reminding myself gentleness is a skill, not a given.
working on. A new line for AmberThomasMakes. Finishing touches for launch NEXT week.


It's been two months since Popsicle died and I miss the man something fierce. 

I'm trying not to be as into things and instead into people and holiness and life. It's hard. 

Also, I wrote about marriage and Making a Murderer at the same time. #doinghardthings


I'm changing up the way I review books because I want to make it more interesting and not so, intense.
Gold by Chris Cleave 
I was tentative in reading this after devouring Little Bee. Cleave's writing is gorgeous, rich, unique and it's only made more lovely by his characters. Cleave manages to draw them into real people, as though we know each in the cast, without muddling the story line. And so, I picked up Gold at the recommendation of a friend.

Initially I was convicted by the ever competitive, never taking a break Zoe while identifying with the "family woman" that was Kate. I began to notice the deeply competitive bones in my own soul, the way I love to win. But why? The competition between the two girls runs the length of the novel, even until the close of the very last page.

The pace of the novel was what made it pure magic to me. The first two thirds are slow, rhythmic, with short spikes of action. It feels like it's dragging along at times, you're begging Cleave to drop tragedy or joy or ANYTHING on the characters. But then the last 100 pages hit you and you can't look away. It is here that I realized: Cleave mimicked the pace of a velodrome race. Not only did he mimic it, but he rocked every ounce of pace that he could. For that alone, the novel deserves five stars.

But the rich connections and flaws in the lives of Zoe and Kate seems to emphasize, reveal, and morph what it means to be competitive. The novel holds layers of cliche lessons, but it begs you to look into your own motivation and definition of success.

Other mentions for the month of February:

The Giver (for #Collaboreads) || ★★★★★
Far Far Away (review) || ★★★
Pop Painting (review) || ★★★★


Mini globes happened this month. Oh my soul I'm so thrilled about how cute the little, precious things are. There are two in the shop that are pre-painted and two in my studio that are awaiting a custom purchase. GET ON IT babes. 
I've started working with a local printing company so painting doesn't become a chore. They make gorgeous things happen for me and now I can list original pieces at lower prices. Win-win. 
And for making it through to the end, you get a sweet little gift from me (or at least a discount code). Use "FRIYAYINFEBRUARY" for 10% off your order of $15.00 or more!
(The code is only live through the weekend.)

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