Monday, February 29, 2016

#Collaboreads: The Giver

BOOKS. Books, books, books. Books and more books with a side of books. That is what we're talking about today. Because what is good in life if there isn't a book about it? Nothing. Welcome back for another month of #Collaboreads! Rachel and I are thrilled you're here, but first:

If you missed what #Collaboreads is, you can familiarize yourself here.

Short version: Rachel and I pick a random criteria for the book (i.e. Takes Place in Summertime). You pick your book and read it. Then the last Monday of the month we meet up and talk about our choices.

There's a R.E.A.D.S. review format that we've shared for suggestion's sake (shared in this post), but feel free to review however you're comfortable!

When Rachel and I picked Classics as our criteria I had convinced myself that I'd be reading Bronte or Austen or Steinbeck. I promised to be dedicated to reading some literary cornerstone that so many of my book-loving bloggers rave about, but then I just couldn't find a comfortable reading place within them. So, I opted for a book that my middle school brother is currently reading as required material through his school.

By Lois Lowry
I know that reading that's assigned in school is typically annoying. Often we reread the books that were assigned to us in school later and love them deeply. The Giver stole my heart. It absolutely stole my heart. Lowry writes beautifully, but simply and her ability to weave a story is rich. She gave the world a cast of characters to both love and hate.

The way Jonas is "gifted" with the ability to see colors and hold memory absolutely rocked my soul. I adored the way Jonas came to love color, seeking beauty in his surroundings, and I just wanted him to start painting things so I could fall more deeply in love with the novel.

I wanted this book to be far, far longer. I know why Lowry ended it where she did and I'm thankful she didn't take the plot so far that it grew tiresome. But man, oh man, I wanted more, more, more. My only solace in this: the series.

Yes, I loved The Giver because of the way Lowry ended it, but it took on new and beautiful promise because she followed it with three more books. I'm thankful to her for that. Thankful she didn't end the books and drop the characters off all of our radars, but hopeful she continued to give them life. (I have Gathering Blue out from the library to be read.)

As a fan of dystopian novels that is far too in love with the world-falling-apart and coming back together in a far-too-organized fashion, this one ends up with well over a dozen relatable books and movies. But, there was something about Jonas that reminded me so much of Katniss Everdeen. Their ability to see when the rest of their world can't brings me a deep-seated joy.

I also thought often of The Book Thief and the hunger for knowledge. The power of books being highlighted in a book itself makes my heart patter and keeps me engaged. I've always been a fan of books and the way these novels have me thinking about what it would mean to now have free access to knowledge the way we do.


The only gripe I'd ever have about The Giver is the size of the physical book and the nearly microscopic font inside its pages. Thankfully, my mom loaned me her copy which was an average size book with wonderful margins and average size type. I don't wear glasses when I read, but at the end of a long day of computer work, it kills me to try and read miniature words on small pages. 



I love, love, loved this book just as much as everyone on Instagram said I would. I'm looking forward to the second book in the series (Gathering Blue) and can't wait to update ya'll with my thoughts!

And now, it's your turn to talk about all the books that filled your month!

Next month, we're linking up on March 28th and we're reading 
Good luck picking just one!
See you in a month!

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