Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dedicated to Discovery - my 2016 Word of the Year

I really enjoy the challenge of One Little Word.

I like to think of the New Year through the lens of a particular goal, even if I'm not sure what circumstance might hold over the course of any 365 day period. I'm not sure if it's a personal dare or my attempt to avoid a specific resolution, but I'm fascinated by picking a theme for the year.

This year I struggled to come up with a word. Usually I spend a few minutes in December and the word just arrives, here and ready to be the keynote of 2016. But, it just didn't this time. I searched Google for interesting words, read over other One Little Word blog posts, wondered if it would be better to give up the idea.

Then self awareness arrived.

I listened to several different podcasts that discussed the importance of self awareness. Reflection and clarity are important parts of being self aware. While I wouldn't call myself particularly ignorant of my feelings and motivations, I do see gaps where I choose ignorance over awareness. And so, I'm spending the year to discovery in those "secret" places.

Part of getting ready for my year of discovery meant being honest about the way I approach my word which is HOT AS HADES for six months, then completely forgetful of my original intention. I love to work hard and engage in life, but sometimes I lose my way. I know that I get really passionately excited about things, but when the honeymoon period is over I set them at the wayside and ignore what I've learned. I want to be intentional and practical and logical and strong. This year was going to be self-defeating if I didn't make a plan, so I decided to approach my word differently.

So, I've given myself a focus for each month.

Each monthly mission is meant to give me a chance to practice discipline, incorporate reflection and, hopefully, gather a bit more awareness of my own emotions and thought processes. I'm hoping 2016 will be a year dedicated to discovering and then refining myself as a wife, friend, maker, Believer, and person.
JANUARY: Dedicate myself to bible study.
FEBRUARY: Develop core strength.
MARCH: Write 500 words a day.
APRIL: Organize and donate daily.
MAY: Use money meaningfully.
JUNE: Run 100 miles.
JULY: Shake up the echo chamber.
AUGUST: Paint a piece of art per day.
SEPTEMBER: Take analog weekends.
OCTOBER: Write out prayers.
NOVEMBER: Incorporate ten minutes of stillness daily.
DECEMBER: Leave notes of encouragement about. 
I'll check in with my focus point at the beginning of each month, reminding you (and me) of the heart behind the task at hand. I'll also do a little reflection on how the month prior fared and hopefully get to pat myself on the back once or twice.

Let's work together to revolutionize your word.

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