Monday, December 28, 2015

#collaboreads: a friend's favorite

I want to say things like "good morning" and "how do you do?" because I've not been gone for a week from this space in I'm not sure how long. The space has been lovely and your sweet emails, kind comments, and support has been wonderful. I have so many things to say and not enough ways to say them.

What better way to end a week of silence and the year but with conversation about a book? There is none, that's the truth.

If you missed what #Collaboreads is, you can familiarize yourself here.

Short version: Rachel and I pick a random criteria for the book (i.e. Takes Place in Summertime). You pick your book and read it. Then the last Monday of the month we meet up and talk about our choices.

There's a R.E.A.D.S. review format that we've shared for suggestion's sake (shared in this post), but feel free to review however you're comfortable!

My pick for this month was actually from my Mama Bird who is the queen of reading (seriously she read 52 books this year), so when I needed a good recommendation I trusted she'd provide. I was thankful for her pick because it's outside of my (currently reading) wheelhouse, in that it's fun, easy to read, and the right kind of juicy.

Meet if you only knew by Kristan Higgins. I've not yet read anything by Higgins, but always notice how adorable her covers are... And this one certainly does her justice.

I only finished one book this month. Just one: if you only knew   It was a hard month for slowing down and sitting with a book so I was thankful when I picked up if you only knew  for #Collarboreads and it was an easy, catchy read. It documents the family drama between two sisters who's lives couldn't be more different, but who's psyches run along the same lines. It's interesting, juicy, and oddly perspective-giving.

I have always struggled to remember, though my siblings and I grew up in similar ways, our understanding and appreciation for certain parts of our raising are different. if you only knew seemed to remind me of this fact over and over and over again in the most humbly kind ways.

This is a Pringles book; once you start, you just can't stop. Even in my most tired of moments, I'd easily knock out fifty pages of Jenny and Rachel's plots while struggling to convince myself the world won't fall apart if I put the book down for the night. The plot and it's tiny (but important) twists is addicting, nearly impossible to walk away from.

And the end, when it came, made me sad. if you only knew is one of those books you're going to miss because the characters are lovely. You are sad to walk away from what was a coming-of-age sort of tale and yet, you're thankful the end has drawn near so no further damage can be done. Oomph.

Well, this reminded me so much of Amy Schumer's Trainwreck. I know, huh? I guess mostly because when I started each I assumed I knew what was coming and how the storyline would go. And I did, but both surprised me with the depths of their moral, in that I walked away being (even the slightest bit) reflective on the way our childhoods shape our adult lives. 

I also couldn't help but think of Kristin Hannah and how similar the writing styles of Higgins and hers were alike. The content is similar, yet definitely different, while I felt at home reading. It was like pulling a new blanket made of familiar fabric over my weary soul. 

LOVE. I mean teal and bright coral flowers. Love. I'm not sure that it really means much in terms of the novel's content, but it certainly would have drawn me to buy the book from Target simply because pretty is worth my dollar. 

I guess a few times throughout the novel I thought, "every rose has it's thorns" and that might be an important theme within the deeper conversation of the novel (if there's really a deeper conversation to be had). 


Four and a half.

Honestly, I loved this book. And I really hope the characters make a return in another novel of Higgins' later, though I know those wishes are often closer related to pipe dreams.

And now, it's your turn to talk about all the books that filled your month!

Next month, we're linking up on January 25th and we're reading 
Something to Make You Better
Think Big Magic, Anne Lamott, Brene Brown, basically anything inspiring to you!
See you in a month!

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