Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Marriage Letter as we Approach my Brother's Wedding

This weekend my brother weds the woman he fell in love with while she was still a girl and him still a boy. They met before driver's licenses. They dated over high school dances and drama. They endured college distances. And now, they wed.

I'm over the moon in a way only sisters can be. This month's marriage letter celebrates the love they share, the marriage we get to witness, and the life that's about to explode in all its goodness.

Dear Bubba,

For the first fifteen years of your life, you were my sidecar. Everyone calls them sidekicks, but you weren't any less important than me, just an add-on to all of life's adventures. You were the extra bit of fun just like that second seat is on a motorcycle. You were always there to be the back-up, extra hand, listening ear.

And then, I went to college and three years later you did the same. We were the farthest apart we'd ever been and, while you were gone, our places changed. We didn't know it then, with our texts and phone calls and weekends home, but we were trading places.

You went away and became the leader. You went away and turned from gangling teenage bean-pole to filled out man. You transformed from the shy little brother to the hilarious show stopper. And I realized how fun it is to be a sidecar.

You are the bold, adventurous leader. I, the troublesome tag-a-long. And, I was grateful for the chance to ride along. I got married and you adopted my husband as your sidecar -a relationship that makes my heart flutter to witness. I'm lucky to see the two men I love so much be the meat sauce to each other's spaghetti.

But now, you have a new, better sidecar to call yours. A sidecar that is definitely greater than I, more kind and equally funny. A sidecar that's going to fit closer, better, stronger than any that came before her. And for always, I'll celebrate the plethora of ways I know she was made for you and you for her.

So, tomorrow, on your wedding day, I joyfully pass a baton. I celebrate the way the love you two share is brighter, bolder, stronger than any gold sparkle that is so lucky to embellish your wedding day. I cherish the chance to cheer on your marriage from now until forevermore.

I love your bride almost as much as I love you.

P.S. I cannot believe ya'll didn't consider fluffy wings for the bridal party.

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