Wednesday, November 25, 2015

this is how i thank you. (plus a shop coupon code)

We have a policy in the Thomas House that no Christmas decorating is allowed to happen prior to Thanksgiving. We believe in the power of thank you and that it's the perfect primer for the Advent season. But, the moment Thanksgiving closes and Noemvember 27th dawns we are Christmas Elves

Literally, we open the Christmas tree lot with smiling faces and take down every pumpkin as we sprint around the house. Sparkles and twinkle lights and all kinds of ornaments bring smiles to our faces and twinkles to our eyes. And why, why is there something so delightedly magical about this time of year? 

What's this got to do with now? Well, it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and you're busy planning out ALL THE SHOPPING that you need to do. I get it. But I'm not great with the mad crowds and crazy lines that come with shopping in real life on days like Friday. So I provided a way to get some handmade, heartfelt art for your (or your friend's) home 

Let's not waste time with words and things, but instead get to the good stuff. Good stuff like DISCOUNT CODES

Keep an eye out over the weekend for Small Business Saturday's sale as well as Cyber Monday's final code!

But most importantly, thank you.
Thank you friends for supporting me, 
for believing in me, 
for encouraging me, 
and for coming back to buy from me 
time after time. It makes my soul soar. 

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