Friday, November 20, 2015

the balance between dreaming and doing [with a giveaway]

*I received Dream It. Pin It. Live It. from The Fedd Agency in exchange for a review.
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My word for the year is savor.

Initially I wrote about it in hopes to slow, be more engaged, grow my appreciation for life as it happens. I imagined I would be more joyful, less busy, and in a similar place I was nearly eleven months ago. But life, as we know, never happens in the way we imagine and here I am in a new, blessed place.

The book was set aside. The shop was opened. The home "finished". The running remains. The To Do Lists growing. The husband a glorious gem. The blog continuing and gaining direction. The dreams rampant in my soul.

Savoring is still important, but it's no longer focused on the main dish life has plated for me; it's now about the zest. It's about the nuances and herbs and sweet little details in each proverbial meal that's graciously given to me. It's, as so perfectly said by Terri Savelle Foy in her new novel, Dream It. Pin It. Live It., about a new focus on fulfillment rather than futility:
"The focus is on your zest for living life to the fullest and fulfilling every dream God has put in your heart to do. Plan the highlights of your life. Live on purpose. Remove limitations. Maximize your moments." 
As I'm blessedly drowning in shop work, I became daunted by the idea-making process. I was accidental in creating and fearful about the next custom order request to arrive. Thankfully, Dream It. Pin It. Live It. by Terri Savelle Foy came alongside my creative process and helped me to grow my small hopeful visions into beautiful works of art. While I work to develop and market piece by piece, Foy's words often echo through my mind. Her words were balmy encouragements, spreading a kind light in the darkness of a busy, doubtful mind. Her concepts aren't life-altering, but instead beautiful reminders of your own knowledge.

She's a gentle Mama patting your shoulder and reminding you of the strength in your own soul. Like Mama, she's right and convicting when you're really not interested in hearing her. Like Mama, she is sweet and cheesy. Like Mama, you love her in all her goodness, but you disagree with bits and pieces of her advice too. Like Mama, she keeps talking all the same. Like Mama, she makes you better at what you already do so well.
"Remember, what you achieve isn't nearly as important as who you become while you're working toward the goals..." 
Like I said, cheesy, but convicting. Cliche, but deeply true.

When the year started I was sure I'd be querying agents by the end of the year. I knew I'd need a team of someones to go through my manuscript and letter with me and I was thrilled at the idea. I planned to be a part of #NaNoWriMo once again this year. And then November came. I skipped #NaNoWriMo (after a successful completion of it last year) because the shop needed me. I am thankful for the busy of art making, but I miss my words. I was angry on November 1st when I wasn't feeling the writing burn.

But, for now I'm wearing the artist hat. I'm covered in flecks of acrylic paint and my soul is smiling as it is so. I know there will be a lull in shop business in just a few weeks which will give me time to recuperate from the making season that proceeds Christmas. And in that place, I can only imagine the words. So, in preparation I've started setting priorities for myself. Ones that say rest, relax, reward. And still being sure to include WORDS in bold, bubbly letters.
"We have to remember that there will always be an unlimited list of goals we need to accomplish, 'priorities' are always fighting for our attention; but if we really want to reach our goals, we must learn the skill of saying no." 
And while I've said no and savored the shop, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to say yes in the coming weeks. I'm laying awake at night with ideas and ruminating on the possibilities that bounce around in my wild mind. I'm hoping on all hopes to come back to my 50,000 words. I miss the book and all the thoughts that sit around anticipating the day they walk through the world between two covers. And so, I will begin again.

And as I close, I offer you a copy of Dream It. Pin It. Live It. to help with your own dreams! I will include a surprise item from AmberThomasMakes to keep inspiration on your walls.

Simply drop a little glimmer of your current work 
on your dream in the comments section below 
and you'll be entered into the giveaway!

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A random winner will be selected on Monday, November 23th at 9:00am PST and notified via comment reply and email. Upon notification, winner will be asked to provide current mailing address. Should winner not reply, a second winner will then be selected. 

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