Friday, October 9, 2015

Stuff and Things and Stuff and Things

Life is kind of a blessed chaos lately. With birthdays and trips and emotions and life as it is, things just feel like a whole lot. And I've been struggling to slow my roll and breathe a bit. I caught myself in a frantic hustle (again) and instead of allowing that crazy cycle to rule, I've dedicated myself to slowing and savoring.

In wake of intentional slowness and savoring has come an awareness of my poor habits of consumption.

I thought eating was the only place I needed to worry about nutrition, but that's a lie. Truth be told there's a more important consumption: what's fueling your soul. From your soul comes your art, your words, your creative self. From your soul comes your love and your life, and the moral is: feed yourself well.

(Actually, I wrote about this for The Hummingbird Life, but lessons always have to be learned a half dozen times because I'm slow to remember.)

So today is a glimpse into the things that are nutritious in my soul:
And I'm reading, like always, but this month I'm reading about spiritual journeys -both fictional and not- because I need to hear those tales right now. So, my Currently Reading pile has these stacked in it: 
Laughter, too. Laughter is important, allowing yourself a deep belly laugh and a soulful smile can rock your day. So laugh dear friends. Laugh at the silly things you can find online like
  • These sweet football Pee Wees who have their priorities straight. (via YouTube)
  • And, if you have not already seen the wonder that is Whine About It on Facebook, this will serve as your introduction and as a finale in this post for your weekend: 

Ep. 23: The Worst Things Abot Fall
Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, October 7, 2015
What's your inspiration? What's all the nutritious kinds of inspiration for your soul?  

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