Friday, October 2, 2015

speak up: fear

Here we are at the beginning of October (that fact blows my mind). I'm thankful for the new month, thankful for the way that California is pretending like fall might actually start to settle in over the dry, hot ground that we're calling home. But mostly, I'm thankful we're here and we're talking and this month it's all about fear.

And, this month, I'm especially thrilled to tell you to get over and hear from Annie because the girl has spoken major truth into my soul the last couple days and it's stripped so much of my bravado from me. It's a blessing to know this girl (even though I sometimes wish she wasn't so good at convicting me).

Next month we're going to write about
(what a perfect thing for the season we enter November and December) 
See you on November 6th!

And lastly, most importantly, let's hear it from your sweet souls:

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