Wednesday, September 2, 2015

you're on fire

This is an impromptu letter to the boy born tomorrow. The boy who grew into a man and stole my heart between the ocean and the bay. This is an impromptu letter to the man whom my soul loves.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

You're a whole lot of hotness. I know, you think I'm flirting with you the way I do in the mornings while you wake and I get ready for work. But, I mean this in a way that's bigger than that.

I mean the way that you are a constant source of inspiration. You won't hold the title of inspiration comfortably. In fact, I'll turn around and you'll probably be trying to pass it around to any and everyone else in the room. But that humility and willingness to serve behind the scenes is what sets you ablaze.

You want to carry the heavy things, point out the brightest spots, cut apart the wood that's too stubborn for me. You are quick to sweep up the mess that's sticking to the bottom of our feet, jump up from your spot on the couch to hold a couple wet paintbrushes because I've forgotten I only have two hands. You look at the canvases hanging in our office and tell me they're beautiful, but try this or that color instead. You read the words I'm hung up on and tell me I can figure it out.

You used to try and give me answers. Now you just lend me some heat.

You aren't passionate in the way that I am. You aren't hot and cold, dying to defy all the odds, but instead stay warm and constant. You're an old home built to keep the heat in, standing in a quiet confidence while new construction happens.

You house a fire that's silent and strong. It feels minor to you, but you are ablaze. It's a fire easily unnoticed because it's always there and burning the same way. Your heat is constant, keeping everyone warm and together, huddled in thankfulness for you.

I'm the most thankful because this is a place I get to gather every morning and night.

Happy birthday Thomas.
I'm thankful you were born to be my lifelong flame,

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