Wednesday, September 23, 2015

when brokenness is overwhelming

I'm really heartbroken over Aylan, the Syrian boy who drowned in the waters off of the Turkish coast. I know there's lots of conversation about the validity of the story and the reason his family was attempting to run from the torture in their homeland. But his death in the water and resulting body on the beach, the way he's a small reminder of a huge hurt in our world, broke my heart.

I can't stop wondering about the families of the cops who are dying in our country. I know there are bad people out there, some of them in uniform, but I also know losing a parent is a searing devastation. I think of their wives, husbands, kids, parents who are mourning the loss of their public servant. Their deaths in the land they want to protect leave me speechless and aching.

I get emails from a friend in Baltimore who is watching her city split in two. I know it's a choice by the people there who are hurting. They're all aching and so, they bring ache upon others beside them. Her heart breaks for the city that she loves, she wants to see restoration and yet, brokenness remains.

I tick off the days of September and see Popsicle's birthday looming. He will be 63. He should be celebrating with us, insisting on cake and opening presents. He should be demanding special treatment for all of his birthday month, but instead he is gone. He is gone from us in spirit, but his frail, sick body remains here, tearing our hearts into a million little pieces of brokenness.

The brokenness is overwhelming. It's terribly heart-breaking, giving us jagged edges and down-turned eyes. It's wearing on us -our hearts, our souls, our faith.We're waking in the dark of night and wondering where the relief comes in. We want to help, but the problems feel so big, so enormous and we seem so small.

Hope enters here. 

Hope enters here. It says, you are small, very small. But your DNA is small too, tiny really, microscopic. It is small and yet it defines you. It's the pieces that come together and stop us from bleeding. It fills the cells that heal us, growing over our wounds and leaving us scarred.

Be the DNA of healing for our brokenness -full of care and tenderness. Move there and do what needs to be done. Don't think too hard, but act out of the intrinsic information that fills you.

So be small, very small, microscopic even, but be small and definite.

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