Friday, September 4, 2015

speak up: some advice on doing work

Another month, another lovely opportunity to get in front of the camera. And this month we're talking about work. More specifically, I'm talking about putting in the hard work. Marriage, day job, writing, painting, working out. All the working, that makes up our days and nights and all the time in between. Let's get started:

Of course, I'm going to recommend you get over to Annie's blog and see the grand things she has in store for you. Girl's a fount of wisdom.

As I mentioned in the video, I collaborated with Skye Light Creations last week and she blew me away with the amazing pictures she snapped. Check our work together out here (and if you're in CA, get in touch with her).

Next month (how are we already talking about October?) 
we'll be talking about FEAR. 
See you on Friday, October 2nd! 

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