Monday, September 7, 2015

raise your glass to hard work and sass.

I think labor gets a hard time as of late. I think it's really good to be really invested in a passion you love -your hustle, let's call it-, but your day job that isn't glamorous and might be located in a dusty trailer on a dirt lot is the dirty little secret you love to keep. There's those ladies online with the perfect, fun, creative lives that make your heart swoon with appreciation while it squeezes tight with deep emerald envy.

Why can't we travel the world on a dime like those travel bloggers? How do we get to making and selling pretty things like it's our job -only only job? When does the fun part of online business come into play?

It's beautiful that we're allowed to see into the lives of the online businesses that come before us. But, we're not there yet. We're here balancing our Office Manager job titles and our evening cocktails of Martha Stewart acrylic paint. We're trying to make time for our lives and our passions between our sleeping and working hours. It's not glamorous. It's not always fun. It requires great amounts of determination and sass.

So, look at those inspirational women who've made it. Watch them as they pave the way for us. Then, do your work.

Do your work at that place where you're professional. Then come home and do you work full of passion.

But let's leave work until tomorrow because today we celebrate. 
Today we raise a glass because you're made up of hard work and sass.

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