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collaboreads: liars, inc.

Holy, holy, holy. September is gone and here we are. Here we are once again with books we've read and big opinions to share. 

If you missed what #Collaboreads is, you can familiarize yourself hereShort version: Rachel and I pick a random criteria for the book (i.e. Takes Place in Summertime). You pick your book and read it. Then the last Monday of the month we meet up and talk about our choices.

There's a R.E.A.D.S. review format that we've shared for suggestion's sake (shared in this post), but feel free to review however you're comfortable!

I found an article that claimed to share some books with me that were like 
Gone Girl. You know those articles that say things like: If you loved  Gone Girl you must read these. I'm a sucker for those, because I was a sucker for  Gone Girl  and so I read and looked over the list and requested a few from my library. 

A week ago I got the text that Liars, Inc was in and waiting for me, so I did. I finished it in four days. Yes, four days of CANNOT PUT IT DOWN sort of reading. Although, this will review is much like the book, full of twists and shocking at the end. 

Honestly, every ounce of this book is riveting. Every time I sat down I read fifty plus pages, even on those nights when I was exhausted and truly just wanted sleep. The action was undeniably fascinating, the characters interesting, and the issues addressed by the book kept my attention throughout the novel.

The twists and turns in the plot continued to keep me turning the pages -although Stokes was different than  Gone Girl in that she turned some of the ways you expected only to veer completely off course in a few paragraphs.

I didn't relate to the characters. I didn't relate to the plot -in specifics. But the book deals with the complicated and fascinating issue of adoption (in an undeniably eerie way) and that was something that kept me reading. It gave life to one (or more) of those worst case scenario thoughts you might have when thinking about adoption which I found myself engaged with more than I expected.


I could be obvious and say Gone Girl, but I'm not going to because that's a cop out. This book was complicated in the reminders it held for me. BUT, it did remind me of a few other storylines I've been exposed to in both print and television: 

  1. Hyacinth Girls: in the lying and chilling reality of the behind-the-scenes stories that happen in everyone's lives. 
  2. One Tree Hill: No spoilers here but, unexpectedly this held a connection for me. 
  3. We Were Liars: I mean, the titles are obvious. But also the interplay between teens and adults, the difficulty in relationship, and then some.
The cover was lovely with it's balance between greyscale and neon, but it didn't particularly reflect the story to me. That's okay because I picked it up regardless... But I might have made it look more like a collection of pictures and videos upon a desk to reflect the story in a more direct way. 



I know, you expected more right? I enjoyed the flaws in each of the characters in the book. I was fascinated by the plot line and the way Stokes moved from Point A to Point J with little to no issue. BUT, I just didn't love it the way I thought I would. Maybe it's because it's Young Adult and I wanted more, maybe having teens as the main characters was hard for me because of their immaturity, maybe I need to move on from these thrillers. Regardless, three stars.

Next month we're meeting on
October 26th!
And we're reading
Thriller or Horror published BEFORE 2010.

And now, you. You speak and share:

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