Friday, August 28, 2015

what i learned in august

This post is a few days early because Monday is #Collaboreads, but I thoroughly enjoy reflecting on my month by running over the lessons I've learned. Thus, we make it a few days early and hope I'm not missing anything major over the weekend (which is going to be packed full with the start of Jason's birthday celebrations).

I love a good adventure and also a good drink. But when I looked up the bike pub tour prices my heart sank at their cost. I did what any good internet user does and looked the company up on Groupon to be rewarded with an AWESOME deal where four of us could ride for less than the price of two passengers. And I immediately bought it. We had a great time, tasted amazing beer, and totally bonded with the eight other passengers who were celebrating a guy's birthday!

Also, that guy in the sunglasses that is smiling at the end of the bike appears to be enjoying himself. Little did he (or we) know that in 3 minutes he'd pass out in a bar after throwing a dart through his toe. Imagine our surprise when we were looking through pictures on the way home and realized the Dart Dude was captured!

My hair stylist mentioned it to me the last time I was there. She told me how it keeps the blonde white instead of yellow, less brassy and more sassy. So I bought some off of Amazon and it's been six weeks. I use it once a week (rather than every time I wash my hair) and have been SO surprised at the way that it's kept my hair fresh and blonde. Plus, it is actually purple and watching the shampoo run down the tub is all the kinds of fun.

We are enjoying having my sister and her family near(ish) to us for a while by being a part of everything we can, especially a pirate birthday party for a two-year-old. I heart those two little boys so much, so much more than I ever knew was physically possible. They're giggles and stories and obsession with Arg-Be-Garr brings me there to their place. And then I wonder what kids of my own will do to my heart and soul. Ooph.

My book journal, my bible study journal, my bullet journal. I'm writing all over the place (that is completely offline) and it's been a really delightful process. Getting thoughts down, even simply about the books that I'm reading, is good for my soul (and my sanity). I thought that opening the shop might bring me out of my love for writing, but it's opened up a pressure-free space for me to work with words for my own love and use.

I know I learned this when I was five. But the best thing I did for myself this month was write my post on Wednesday. I had been hiding my hard time with God in a closet. It wasn't for fear or for frustration or lack of faith... It was just a comfortable place where I was enjoying myself. But then a few emails with a dear friend tore my heart up, she said "yes Amber you've been through the wringer and you're still radiating joy." I wanted to die right then and there because I'd convinced myself a joyful heart couldn't live within a hard time. But it did, it does and I have life yet to live, so I decided to be honest. And it's a lovely place to be.

I bought four vintage globes in a row and Jason told me no more. He forbid me from adding any more spherical models of earth into our home... Until the other day. I came home with two new globes -one on a pedestal and the one pictured above. I was a little bit nervous what Jason would say, but I was prepared to be in trouble if he was really upset. Instead, we got home and I showed him the globes and he loved them. He loved where they were placed and how they added to the room they are in. Yes, you become more like your spouse with time. 

If you watch YouTube regularly or have a Facebook or ever cruise Buzzfeed, you'll realize some of the biggest viral hits seem to defy logic and science. Well, Outrageous Acts of Science brings together a group of very intelligent and interesting scientists to talk about the physics and chemistry and all the other forces of nature that make the most fascinating YouTube videos possible. (This might very well relate to the point above because Jason adores this show and once it's on I can't stop watching.) 

I have been meaning to update my art room... It's been there waiting with piles of things that want my attention. But I've been busy trying to make and do and create because decorating a room doesn't make money. But then a friend asked to come snap some pictures of my space... And I realized it was a mess, not an inspiration, so I redid the space. I changed up the bookshelves and moved around my work, I put my globes on display and my canvases in waiting within eye shot. Now it feels more me, more comfortable, more beautiful.

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