Friday, August 7, 2015

Speak Up: Restoration

I changed my approach to Speak Up this month... Mostly because I don't want to be boring or repetitive every month. And because I saw Lindsey doing this on her own blog and so I binge watched her stuff and realized that I needed to try. 

So, meet Speak Up gone daily life:
I have no idea why YouTube chose THAT picture to be the cover photo, but it's sort of delightful. 
Here's a small recap of the five tips to restoring your creative self: 
  1. Get out of your normal space. (Bonus points for making things with your pets.)
  2. Learn something new like gardening or knitting or badminton. 
  3. Have a drink. (Highly recommended this cold brew coffee that you DIY.) 
  4. Break the routine.
  5. Consume something cool like music or a good book. 
And, like always, I must encourage you to listen to what my favorite creative mind, Annie, has to say because she's awesome. 

Next month we're going to be talking about:
(as in labor, as in the holiday we'll be celebrating on the 7th!)
See ya'll here on September 4th!

Last, but most importantly, it's your turn. 

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