Monday, August 3, 2015

Some (Not That) Important Things About Me

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram with a random fact about me. I got over a dozen comments with random facts back and they have stuck with me... Now when I see some of the names from those comments floating around the web I giggle and remember how that person get 100% on their first grade spelling tests or this other girl writes using her thumb more than her fingers.

Why do random things like that stick so well? I'm sure there's a scientific theory that names such a phenomenon for us, but I didn't take that psychology course in college (though I did take the abnormal psych and psychology of addiction courses).

Regardless, I wanted the first Monday of a new month to be interactive and fun because Mondays are hard. Here are eleven random (no so) important things about me:

1. I learned to drive a tractor when I was fourteen which is when the law says you're allowed to drive tractors alone. Unfortunately for me, my dad decided to wake me at 7:00 AM to give me lessons.

2. Project Runway has always been my creative muse. I'm afraid it'll stop airing and my ability to make things will disappear.

3. Hazel is insanely protective of me. If Jason stubs his toe she could care less. If I get hurt she won't leave my side until she's positive I'm going to survive.

4. I've (accidentally) cut off the tips of three of my fingers. Only twice did I end up in the hospital. The third time I decided I was capable enough to stop the bleeding at home.

5. Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore. I love cooking and eating, but the buying of groceries is a pain and so I won't go to the store until our fridge only has a jar of pickles, a jar of olives, and a cube of butter in it.

6. My three favorite words are: macabre, abacus, and golden. I don't use the first two very often, but I love saying them and spelling them and the way they sound.

7.  I was a night owl in college. Now, I'm an early-morning person (and that's not just because of coffee).

8.  It is impossible for me to spell chief, rhythm, and relieve right the first, second or third time I try. Thank goodness for spell check and the red squiggle.

9. The more I write, the more I struggle getting their, they're, and there right. I pretend it's because my brain is working too hard to worry about those bits and pieces, but it's probably because I'm over-caffeinated.

10. I love flavored bubbly water -the kind that's completely unsweetened but is full of bubbles. I think the fact that Jason hates it makes it more valuable to me because I can claim it as mine and only mine.

11. I wanted to go to college in Texas, but couldn't stand the thought of being that far away from my littlest brother who was 5 when I graduated from high school. I'm still a complete sucker for his ideas any and every day of the week.

If you've read all this, you're a winner. 
You've won a double dog dare from me that requires you to tell me something random about you.

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