Wednesday, July 1, 2015

what i learned in june

June was a wild month. It started with a heat wave, then came all the kinds of stress at work, then father's day and now we're here. There was the opening of a shop, the receipt of books to read and review, the beginning of a few charitable projects, a hundred mile running challenge, and, well, it's been a month.

I've continued bullet journaling, but when I sat down to write this post I realized that it's been neglected. I've sort of stopped with everything and done all the kinds of painting and designing I can, but that's noT fair to the way my soul loves structure. Regardless, coming up with lessons from the month proved to be a bit of a challenge!

But I did learn things. I did and here they are:

Don't hear me wrong -I love going into Starbucks and have made "friends" with the baristas down the street from my house, my mom's house, and our office and I really do enjoy seeing them. However, there's a few times where I am in a rush, but want my Starbucks, but am concerned about the amount of line that could await me. So, I have used the Order feature in their app. And both times I've used it, the drink was waiting on the bar for me the moment I walked into the store. AWESOME.
I can't count the ways I've been encouraged over the last two weeks, but I have. It's been rich and beautiful and, honestly, so humbling. From unexpected gifts in the mail, flowers from my mama's yard, praise from my husband, kind emails in my Gmail, I've been encouraged and it just floors me in the most inspirational ways. 

I've realized the reward of taking a risk is the self-satisfaction. I'm part of an awesome online writing tribe that I'm currently writing with and it's so scary to put words and ideas out for free judgement. But the support and wisdom that comes back is so rich. I thought telling Jason my dreams and him daring me to live them out would be the end of my creativity, but I've turned into a much more vibrant person in it all. So, take the risk friend. 
I'm so inspired by the earth and nature. I've been painting globes and flowers galore and I realize I'm just in love with the things God's made. And then I wonder: can I do the same and love me with such endless enthusiasm? I'm trying, but I can say honoring my deepest wishes has really, truly helped me appreciate how much more than a number or size or single word I might be.

My mom and I joined a 100 mile running challenge this month. We simply needed to cover 100 miles in the 30 days that are June. She came in second and I ran 27 miles in three days so I could come in third (ended up in fourth). I was proud to have pushed myself, to have done something hard, and to be a little more sore than usual.
I'm beating a dead horse here (I know). I dove in deep with the KonMari method last month... Organizing all the spaces I could get my hands on, in our home, and my favorite new space is the closet that is my craft space in our office. I can say the organization makes my brain feel calmer, more prepared to take on the world, and that's exactly what I need. 

I talked about my dailies and was doing well with them. Until I realized that I had a few that weren't truly about being productive or creative, it was about checking off a box. The point of dailies is to feed yourself through them, to establish a foundation for your creativity and, well, that's something I'm still working on. 

What'd you learn this month? 
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  1. Creativity thrives in structure and organization. Yes!

  2. Tell me more about this feature on the Starbucks app cause I need it!

  3. Becca @ How I RollJuly 1, 2015 at 9:16 AM

    Hi, new follower here. Love your writing style!
    Thank you for sharing the Starbucks app thing! Incredible! And I like how you reflect back on your month by sharing what you've learned, people go their entire lives and take nothing away from it.

  4. Oh girl, I did the exact same thing with dailies. Thought I was being so productive until I realized that the things I had down weren't all that important. I definitely like the 'idea' of dailies, I just haven't figured out how to make them work for me yet!

    PS: Kudos on your 27 miles in three days--thats awesome!

  5. You are such an inspiration, Amber! Keep doing what you're doing and stay lost in the right direction! Your posts are just so motivating and uplifting!

  6. excuse me, order option? what the what?!

  7. I'm constantly in awe of the beauty that God has created, both in nature and within each person, created in His image! (And awesome job on the running!)

  8. Love your globes! Congratulations on the running! I'm reading the tidying book right now. Hoping to dive in this month.

  9. OH MY GOSH ALL THE GLOBES!!!! Way to hit your running goals! I'm feeling burnt out again- half marathons seem to do that to me

  10. Dang girl! You're a lady boss! You've got so much going on but you rock it! Go you!

  11. I need to save up for one of those globes!!! LOVE!!

  12. It was INSANE. But I have all kinds of competitive bones in my body so it had to happen! :)

  13. Girl, I would NEVER have believed it a year ago. BUT I GET IT NOW. :)

  14. It's going to take my relationship with Starbucks up three notches... :)

  15. I've been changing mine up since my post on them... I have quickly come to realize they're important to my productivity, but that they seem to ebb and flow in many ways. I guess it's ALL about refining and defining! :)

  16. YES. I've noticed the different ways each of us (people) are made lately and it's restored this sense of AWE in me!

  17. YES. Just turn your location services on and then BAM.

    (It's the best thing ever, seriously.)

  18. Well thank you! :) Just trying to do life some MAJOR justice! :)

  19. Thank you! The globes have been a minor (major) labor of love! :)

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the tidying book... I'm actually posting about it this Friday (well, about my take on it).

  20. Oh girl how much would I love to know there's one sitting in a home so local to mine! ;)

  21. Oh girl, so much. And some days I hardly manage. But lately it's going smoothly SOOOOOO ride the wave! :) I owe you an email dear soul (but wanted to wait till you were done honeymooning!).

  22. Girl that's how I felt after a marathon. Halves are my jam, the perfect length for an ex-cross country runner... But the full just KILLS me.

  23. Hello! So thankful you're here! :)

    I didn't come up with this idea myself, but I'm so thankful to have come upon it because it's been wonderfully useful to look back over my days and remember what each month holds!

  24. GIRL, just turn the location services on for your Starbucks App and that little title that says MENU will turn into ORDER. Then order, pay through the app, and pick up at the bar! (No line necessary!)


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