Friday, July 3, 2015

Speak Up: Independence

Another beginning of the month and we've got ourselves another time where I talk your ear off. This month we're covering INDEPENDENCE. Be thankful I didn't decide to go with a performance of Independent by Beyonce.

And, though I am most certainly biased, I'd recommend you go and enjoy all the goodness that my dear co-host Annie has to offer. 

Here's where it's your turn! 
Next month we're back here on the seventh of August (holy smokes, that's a late first Friday of the month) to chat about restoration. (I think this is going to get tied into hope and, well, we all know how deep my feelings about hope are.)
And now, for my beloved #morethanaframe ladies, it's back on Sunday. The beautiful community will recommence with another six weeks of sharing what's happening in our lives through Instagram pictures (and captions). The themes for the next six weeks are below, hope you'll join! 


  1. Your perspective on marriage is RICH for me. My vlog was so much rambling about how I'm learning about independence in my life and being single and all that jazz, so hearing your thoughts from the wife side of all that is awesome! I'm nowhere near that, but so good to soak up wisdom on it before that day comes :)

  2. I absolutely adore this and your thoughts on marriage! It's refreshing to hear others trials and triumphs in their marriage and the unique way we create amazing relationships with our spouses. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Okay, so this is perfect since my video talks about how if I'm ever in a relationship I'm going to have major issues since I'm so independent. I need to bookmark this for the future! You're so wise Amber. :-)

  4. I like what you said about letting your husband do things for you just because he wants to. I have trouble with that, and it makes Jordan sad sometimes when I don't let him help me! I've been trying to let him do things for me and realize I'm not giving up my independence but more just making him feel useful and empowered was I think the word you used :)

  5. Happy late 4th! I love what you had to say about marriage and independence merging with marriage. This September I will be married for 7 years and this year has been the most challenging, as I have heard is very common for whatever reason. I am so independent and yet so dependent. My husband said something to me when we were having a serious marriage moment (that's what I am choosing to call it) and he said "I am such a failure, you are so much better at everything than me and your don't need me. Sometimes I think about leaving not because I don't love you but because you don't need me and I think sometimes would be better off". My heart completely broke... like shattered in a more than a million pieces. It was so hard to hear that from him! I had failed at showing him my dependence on him. He had no idea how emotionally dependent I am on him. I am so strong and bold and loud in a variety of areas, but thats why I depend on him because in the areas where I am not I need him, but they are subtle and not always strong, bold or loud... but for me they are. I am going on (and should probably write a blog post about this) but man, you hit the nail on the head.


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