Saturday, July 4, 2015

In Honor of the Home of the Brave

This is random to go up on a Saturday. I don't usually post. But I love July Fourth and America, so I'm celebrating in word and deed. 

My favorite part of the national anthem has always been the part about "the home of the brave". I believe so deeply in the bravery that is weaved into the blanket that is America. Brave is not simply because of the souls who so daringly fight for our freedom here and overseas, not just because of the people who left England to come to a faraway land and establish this country, but because we're all here, together and working hard to show that we love this land.

It seems impossible to talk about the Home of the Brave without acknowledging the tragedies of the last year and without honoring the beautiful victories contained in there too. But, America is pretty damn awesome, even if it's hard to see on the news or in your Facebook feed. Let me share why:

1. We're learning to listen. It's not easy to sit and to respect the voices around us -especially the one's that are so vastly different than ours. We're not perfect, we're learning, but this is the first step (which is rumored to be the hardest).  Efforts to find common ground and speak honestly in kind tones surround us, if only we're brave enough to look around and take note.

2. We're working together. We see problems here and abroad and we aren't afraid to acknowledge them. We want to help, to reach out, to make positive changes in the world around us. Sometimes we fail, but our intention is brave and that's a wonderful reflection of our belief in the worth of all lives.

3. We're cultivating hope. For ourselves, for future generations, for the beautiful world we live in. It's daunting some days when we turn on the news or scroll through our feeds, but we aren't throwing up our hands and saying "it's all doomed". Instead, we're setting goals, we're taking steps in the small (but effective) ways that we can, and we're practicing the brave that we preach.

Our generation of America is defining Home of the Brave in a new and beloved way. Let's spend the weekend drinking sangria, wearing sunscreen by the poolside, and wearing our cutest starred and striped ensemble in celebration of our American bravery.

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