Friday, June 5, 2015

speak up: picnic

Welcome to yet another month of Speaking Up! We're doing things a little more mellow this month with a picnic theme because who doesn't love when the sun finally comes out for us to enjoy. I hope you're spending more time outdoors and less trapped inside. Since the summer is my favorite time of year, I decided to dedicate my vlog to speaking about all the things that are my favorite right now.
And, though I may be biased, I'd recommend you go and enjoy all the goodness that my dear co-host Annie has to offer.

A little bit of spark notes on the myriad of things I shared as loves in this post:
I happened to note my new approach to cleaning and my closet.
And something about the way that I just can't stop reading this book or this one.
And that you should be thinking about joining in on this reading project.
I should have told you I'm loving Podcasts right now.  But I forgot.
But here's my current favorites:

And, now that I'm done telling you everything that I love and can't stop thinking about, it's your turn to share:

For next month, we are thrilled, all kinds of thrilled to Speak Up about: 
See ya'll and your beautiful faces on video promptly on July 3rd

Finally, my guess is some of you are here and wondering about #morethanaframe because that Instagram community is the bee's knees. Cassie and I have decided to take June off from prompts and just let people share as they wish until we start back up with another six week series in July.

Please keep rocking that dang hashtag to death and know that we'll still be there sharing and celebrating with ya'll.


  1. I love that your dog ate the cover... I caught mine chewing on Pride & Prejudice last week. What is it with dogs and books?! I LOVE historical fiction! Do you have any recommendations?? Also, great point about trying to take things from one stage of life into the next. I've never thought about it that way!!

  2. Saw the preview for Me & Early & The Dying Girl when we went to see PP2, SOBBED through the whole thing. So I just put the book on my Summer Reading List...which I haven't started yet. OOOPS. Gonna get on that ASAP, I swear!

  3. Oh so many thoughts! Okay, I LOVE The Book Theif. It actually took me A LOT longer for me to get into it, but once I did it was a crazy emotional ride. And I keep hearing everyone talk about Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and I guess I just need to cave and buy it because it sounds SO GOOD. Caitlyn Jenner - just... yes to what you said. Yes. And with organizing and cleaning out your closet, I never heard it put that way before! I need to do some of my own cleaning out and that's so accurate.

  4. She is just... something else. :) I mean, something else. I got home and was like HAZEL WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN ANIMAL?

    Ok. Historical Fiction recommendations:
    The Help (I'm sure you've read this) and it's "cousins" (books that are like it but not) Calling Me Home and The Secret Life of Bees.
    I'm reading The Book Thief and WHOA. Totally recommend it.

    I've also got The Nightingale (by Kristen Hannah) and All The Light We Cannot See on my list... :) What about your favorites?!?

  5. RIGHT? I think part of the issue was I was confused. It's odd to have death narrate something and sometimes I get really confused about who's talking... :) But, now that the plot has twisted and turned it's just. RICH.

    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is SO GOOD. It's hilarious. Like an awesome poolside read. There's the sad in it (for sure) but it's just a lot of really adorable teenage-ness. Not as feely as Fault in Our Stars and somehow, it feels just right.

  6. YAY FOR COLLABOREADS. I'm afraid I'm going to end up with three books that work for it and I'm not going to be able to decide which one to keep! :)

    Girl, yes to picnics all the picnics always. (Also I need to text you today because I have a question for you.)

  7. Girl, the book is hilarious. I know it seems so sad (and there's sad) but I haven't laughed out loud so much ever. It's totally something you can read by the pool and not feel like you need a box of tissues because the characters are just TERRIBLY FUNNY. (I read it while I visited my dad yesterday and laughed out loud like a crazy chick.)

  8. I've read The Secret Life of Bees and I've started The Help like, 6 times (but have yet to finish it... I know... Bad, Audrey!)

    I really like Philippa Gregory novels (The Other Boleyn Girl)! I've heard really good things about the ones on your list!


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