Friday, May 29, 2015

the lessons i learned in may

I already told you that I was reading The Accidental Creative and I was fascinated by the ideas in it. Then Erika mentioned the Accidental Creative Podcast and I was like, YES. So I started listening to it, namely the one about The Dailies and The Importance of Rituals. I took up both, made them priorities in my day, and have already felt the benefits in my soul. It's hard not to be creative when you're purposely feeding yourself inspiration. 

I know it's supposed to be some sort of cute joke when we say we just can't walk out of Target without spending $100. But lately that thought has come to scare me. I don't want to be frivolous with my money, I mean, I do because I love things, but I don't because that's not good for my soul. 

This has led me to returning things that I buy and then get home and realize I don't need, but simply want. The want is deep and dresses up as a need, but it isn't. I hardly need anything but food, water, shelter and God's grace. Anyway, this next month I'm going to try and stop buying them and bringing them home in the first place. 

I remember learning about Fibonnaci's sequence and being fascinated. What I didn't realize back then is that nature is detailed and organized in all the ways. I found two nests this month -one while I was running at home and one while walking through UVU's campus with Jason. Both blew my mind and made me just, in awe.

You might not know that I'm one of five kids. There's something about noise in a house and overwhelm that is truly blessed -overwhelming and sometimes exhausting, but blessed. There's something for the way we all understand and lean in simply because of our genetics. Living as part of a thick fabric of awesome people is, well, awesomely awesome.

I know there was a commercial about it being happy California cows, but forget that business. It's all about the delicious beyond compare berries that are being harvested from farms just minutes from the center of our town. I mean, yum.

Especially on busy mornings. They're simple to make -seriously they take MAYBE fifteen minutes to assemble- and then take three minutes to toss, blend, and pour. I add kale (or spinach) to all my bags first, then pick my fruit (sometimes it's fresh, sometimes it's frozen). Sometimes I add a few mint leaves or some parsley. Then zip and freeze. Add milk, orange juice, or water and maybe some protein powder. Blend. BOOM breakfast. 

But really, nothing. I have stopped allowing myself to hoard clothes because I have space for them. I realize that I don't do it in any other part of our house, so why my closet? It's been refreshing, I can see what I own and don't have to dig and fight to find what I really want to wear. 

What's the biggest lesson you learned this month? 

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  1. Those strawberries look like they are to die for.

  2. These are great lessons!
    I LEARNED to remove the toxic, attending lectures when you have a family ain't easy, i am comfortable in my own slightly flabby skin, that I need a post like this!

  3. Yum, those berries look amazing! Finding decent fruit around here has been pretty much nonexistent lately :(

  4. There are so many lessons to be learned in this post. Target is such a weakness for me, and so is a overpacked closet.
    I am also one of 5 kids, so I totally understand what you are saying about the chaos and noise. But I am also the oldest, so I can remember life without it for the 7 years that I was an only child.

  5. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvMay 29, 2015 at 6:11 AM

    I'm so happy that it is strawberry season yet again! This years crop is so sweet and juicy and I love that there is a stand across the street from my neighborhood. I envy you in committing to not hoarding clothes. I go through stages. I'm really awesome at it for 3 months and then BAM SHOPPING SPREE!!! and cluttered closet. We've been on a major clean out binge since I knew I was expecting and that motivation helps. (Now I'll just hoard baby stuff hehe)

  6. Such valuable lessons! :) My grandma always talks about how California strawberries are the best! We get more Florida ones in our stores, but she always buys up California ones when she finds them, lol :) I remember Fibonacci's sequence in school! Pinecones and sunflowers, lol.

  7. Cleaning out my closet is my FAV. now if I could just get my husband to clean out his side... hahaha

  8. I love to prep my smoothies for week like that too! So easy!

  9. Please feel free to come clean my closet anytime you want. I know, I know - I'm such a generous friend.

  10. I love your lessons! I didn't keep track of what I learned this month (I HAD a sticky note going, but it has disappeared).

    Creativity DEFINITELY thrives on routine. Making time to write and create and edit is definitely something I need to work on right now!

    Way to go on the battle against consumerism. It is wayyy to easy to get caught up in it, but you definitely don't have to.

    Siblings and smoothie packs really are the best! :)

    And cleaned out closets...I'm working on that as we speak! I'm in the "TOTAL DISASTER! WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I EVEN THINKING?!?!?" stage, but there's no turning back now!

  11. Personally, I get kind of offended when people tell me it's impossible to go into Target without spending $100+. No, it's not, it just requires some self-control! We were on a grad-student budget for SO LONG and there was no wiggle room for dropping $100 just because we felt like it! Maintaining a budget has totally changed the way I look at spending money, and has freed up those guilty feelings when I do want to get spendy, because I know what I can blow without messing up our whole month.

  12. I've learned a lot of the very same things! I've been focused even more than usual on minimalism this past month - hence my new goal to only buy USED clothes so that I can hopefully cut down on some of the binge shopping I tend to do! I've never been a big fan of shopping, but when I do go out, I find like 80 things I 'need' (especially at Target, I'm embarrassed to say!). Great lessons :-)

  13. YES to a clean closet, and to amazing delicious summertime smoothies!

  14. A clean closet is a joy, I agree. Also I too have been returning things in abundance lately. I think moving has a way of showing you how much unnecessary crap we indulge in sometimes. I'm trying to a bit more calculating with my money. We'll see how that goes.

    The biggest lesson I've learned this month would probably be the importance of feeding my soul. I think it really hit home this month that there is a huge difference between feeding your mind, your heart, and your soul. So I'm working on feeding my soul. So far, it's been grand.


  15. Loved your list, Amber! I often return things too; you're right we have all we need. Glad to hear that you love your siblings. We're expecting Baby #5, and it's our desire that our kiddos will always have close friendships. Glad to have found you via Emily's post today!


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