Friday, May 8, 2015

just one word.

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Sometimes I don't have the words to say what I want. I think things deep down within my soul and I feel them and name them. I see all the words and letters and punctuation marks and I long to do them justice. I know that I'm capable and I want to give all the people proof of such. I am overwhelmed and nervous, but I start where I am sure of myself. I start by taking attendance.
Joy? Here. 
Fear? Here.
Honesty? Here.
Hurt? Here. 
Faith? Here. 
Hope? And silence. 
I ask for her again and again in tones like Bueller's principal.
Hope? Silence.
Hope? The quiet is like an oreo filled with airy, nutrient-deficient filling.
I imagine this is what it feels like when a parent loses their child among the racks of a store or the primary colored equipment of the park. There's a sureness in the panicked search -a sureness she is here, just tucked away out of sight.

When I started this process of writing a book about hope in October of last year, I thought it would just appear. I figured the story and necessary words were here, within my soul, and I simply needed to locate them. Sure He'd provide and She'd show up and my fingers would magically type out a novel balanced in equal parts heavy and humor, I had confidence. I thought I'd spew my life and heart and faith all over pages of a college-ruled notebook and we'd be somewhere by now.

But in those writing hours, as I sat and prepared and took attendance of all the feelings, she'd be missing. Maybe in depending on her so fiercely, I've scared her away. Maybe in the way writing flows in and out, she floated away on verbal tides. Maybe I'm wrong and hope isn't here in this heart of mine.

Words sit in my brain like loose beads on a table. They sit and wait for me to pick them up and put them together on a length of fishing line. Eventually, I string them together over and over again, edit and cut and paste and format, only to shake my head no a dozen times. I scribble them on paper, type them over my keyboard, draw them with my fingertip on the shower wall. They're there and then they're gone.

Sometimes I don't have the words to say what I want. I worry about what's right and what's wrong and forget life happens in a spectrum. I see all the letters and want to use every last one. I want a sentence that illustrates expert use of punctuation and grammar, a sentence that perfectly displays all the ways my soul feels.

But other times, just one word feels perfectly right: hope.


  1. Your writing is absolutely inspiring - I can only imagine what an entire book of your words strung together will feel like. Wait, yes I do. It'll feel like HOPE for everyone out there reading those words. No matter what their current struggle, they'll be filled with hope in reading your words. I just know it.

  2. Wow, Amber this is amazing. I love this and I love your way with words. I chuckled in the beginning reading like Bueller's principal but then you just drew me in. Beautiful read and excellent message.

  3. Beautifully written, as always. I can't wait to read your wonderful book, I fully believe that it's going to touch a lot of lives.

  4. You are quite the talented lady, this is wonderfully written. I'm sure your book will be just as beautiful! Hope is something that is (sadly) missing from so many peoples lives nowadays, including occasionally my own life. I look forward to reading your book, whenever that may be.

    xx Katie
    A Quiet Joy

  5. This is so beautiful. And I am sad to say that I can relate. I know that fear will scare hope away, but I also know that you will find her again. Or maybe she will find you.

  6. I, for one, will be very excited to read your book someday. It's very relatable to know that someone who expresses herself so well also struggles with words and thoughts and complete sentences. So beautiful :)

  7. Gaby Compr├ęsMay 12, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    Your writing is beautiful and inspiring and captivating.

  8. Well, thank you. Girl you're just a light in this land. :)

  9. Oh girl, thank you. I'm SO thankful you laughed because I sort of laughed writing it. ;)

  10. You're the best. The best thang eva.

  11. Thank you so much Katie! :) Hope is a tricky thing... Something I feel I've learned so much about lately... And something I hope to share with other people. :)

  12. I'm thankful you relate. Because I know to miss her is to love her and to make her come home and live in your heart. :)

  13. Oh thank you! :) I can't tell you how much I needed words that are excited about this process because sometimes it's SUCH work.

  14. i heart you. and need to email you.


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