Monday, May 18, 2015

Four Reasons to Fitbit

I've had my Fitbit for a year. A year yesterday to be exact. It all started with a book about a group of women who accidentally start a walking club and, in doing so, rediscover the way they love their bodies and the meaning of friendship. As they walked with pedometers, I found myself fascinated, wondering if I'd be interested in having one myself.

After minor research (read: typing Fitbit into the Amazon search bar), I realized I had several options at several price points. I was interested in a couple things from my Fitbit:
  1. Step count. - I wanted this to be relatively accurate. Seems Fitbit is known for their well-calibrated devices.
  2. Convenience. -Small in size and easy to wear but not required to be around my wrist. 
  3. Price. -Not interested in paying more than $60.00 for the pedometer.
I wasn't sure if this was a passing trend or something I'd be really interested in doing for the long haul, so my criteria was relatively mellow. After scrolling through three or four Fitbit models, I ended up with a Zip. It's the size of a quarter and comes in a little carrying case that easily clips on my waistband or pocket or even tucked into my bra.

Stair count, elevation gain, and sleep monitoring are three of the more advanced features that other models offer. I think they're awesome, but I'm happy with my cheap-y Zip so I just haven't looked at an upgrade.

Four reasons I think you need a Fitbit: 
1. STEPS. 
Seriously, nothing will get you up and moving, taking a lap around your office or apartment complex like this. There is something about the number on that little screen that makes me want to move -even if just another lap out for Hazel to take a bathroom break.

I am an avid runner and was surprised to see how my "rest" days were essentially sedentary. I know rest looks different for everyone, but dropping my step count from 15,000 steps to just 3,500 felt too far for me. So, I find myself asking Jason to go on a long morning walk on Sundays and it's time we're now spending together without phones or computers or any other distractions (not even Hazel). I find those moments together set our week off on a really lovely note.

2. THE APP. 
One of my favorite things is their application. It's on your phone and will sync through bluetooth regularly. I get little banner alerts that tell me I need more steps or that I'm doing a great job. It's a lame little flash across my screen, but it makes me laugh (and walk).

I find the app user friendly and informative. Remember, I have the base model so a lot of the features I could have in my interface aren't there because I'm not interested in them (and they're not being tracked). With a simple sync you have all your day's progress live at your fingertips.
I have enjoyed tracking the amount of water I drink in my app too. It's a simple swipe of the finger to add more ounces. You can track calories too, though I don't because I'm too lazy to food log.

The app also has awesome ways to review your step counts over the last day, week, month, quarter and year. I love to look through and see how I've done over time because some weeks just blend together.

The Daily Goal is automatically set to 10,000 steps, but you can change it to better suit your lifestyle and fitness level (easily done in the Settings tab of the app).

You might not believe it, but you'll walk places you never expected. If I need a thing or two from the grocery store, I walk. If I'm early for Jason's softball game, I take a lap around the park that where he plays. I've walked around malls while I wait for a friend for dinner, around SuperTarget before I settle into my grocery shopping, around the neighborhoods that surround us. There's something about seeing the world without rushing through.

You can connect with friends through the Fitbit app. There are challenges available where you can race for the highest steps in a certain period of time (ranging from one day to an entire week). There's a messenger that allows you to write back and forth as well as cheer on the people you're walking with (even if not in proximity).

It seems important you know that Fitbit's customer service is awesome. My mom got a Zip shortly after her Flex died and was struggling with it losing power. She emailed their help department and got a quick response that solved her problem.

*Not an ounce of this post was influence by Fitbit or any free things they might have sent me. In fact, Fitbit has not a clue I've written this. This is for your health, not for any sort of sponsorship or product opportunity. 


  1. I love my fitbit for all of the same reasons! I had a similar experience with my rest days too. I felt so lazy hahaha

  2. I love this list of reasons! I've wanted a Fitbit for awhile and I'm hoping to get it later this month with some birthday money :) I also love how you included that Fitbit has no idea you wrote the post haha

  3. I've just got mine last week and I am loving it too! x

  4. I love my Fitbit and recommend it to everyone! I often find myself walking in aimless circles to get in more steps!

  5. okay, you AMAZE me. look at all those steps! impressed.

  6. I've been on the fence, but I've officially put a Fitbit on my birthday wish list!! And...I'd love to know what book you read to inspire you to get your zip!

  7. I love my Fitbit and I agree it is an amazing tool. My FB One recently died after years being amazing. I decided to replace it with the Flex. Although, I do love it I am sad that it doesn't count floors.

  8. I love stories that start out with, "I read this book and..." :) My husband's family all love their Fitbits! I didn't realize that you could track water intake on the app... definitely something that would help me out.

  9. Okay but I LOVE my fitbit. Well, technically it’s a jawbone but whatever, toMAYto toMAHto. I was so sad that mine was out of batteries this weekend (and I forgot to recharge it) because I went to yoga, went on a walk, walked around Walmart for 2 hours and stood on my feet cooking forever. SO MANY STEPS I’ll never know about.

  10. Girl I was SHOCKED. And now rest days look more active... Like a good walk or something because NO NO NO. :)

  11. Girl, I totally recommend it. I know that some people snub them because WHY NOT JUST BE ACTIVE? But there's something about the quantification that is SO encouraging and helpful to me.

  12. NEW FRIENDS with you!

    Isn't it eye-opening?

  13. Girl, yes! Me too! And Jason always jokes that I'm using him when I ask if he wants to go on an evening walk with me... YES, totally using you for the steps I'm going to get! :)

  14. it's the runner in me! :) i'll give you some steps and you give me some pages to read! :)

  15. Oh girl, it's awesome. I appreciate that it's not tracking EVERYTHING in my life because, well, that would make me insane.

    And this book:

    I loved it. :)

  16. Oh that's interesting to know! I guess since having the base model I've just never thought about other information that I would find useful... Although I can COMPLETELY understand being interested in/fascinated by the floors climbed. (We have a two-story house so that would actually be REALLY interesting.)

  17. GIRL, so many of my stories start out that way. :)

    YES totally tracks water in the app... I've found myself to be a better water drinker BECAUSE I'm aware of how much I'm drinking!

  18. Ohhh fancy jawbone girl... But really, how devastating is the realization that some of your steps were missed? I know there's a way to add them in with FitBit (through the app) but somehow that always makes me feel like a loser.

  19. It is really interesting for sure. Especially because it allows it to detect elevation as well. Which is nice when out walking/running and you are going uphill and it can account for that. :-)

  20. I know we are older but my husband and I are getting one as well. Otherwise, we'd never get out of bed. We are newly weds you know.

  21. I love my FitBit and have found that it really has helped me step up my fitness goals and be more aware of my activity levels.

  22. Completely! Absolutely love it x


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