Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Review of my #BlossomVoxBox (& Random Facts About Me)

I'm not sure how I feel about getting free things for giving one's opinion. I mean, I like free things -in fact, I might love them- but I wonder if free-ness impedes on my ability to be honest, to be unbiased, to be sure. I didn't know if I'd feel like a sellout for taking free things and then talking about them, trying to act like a miraculous thing happened and all of the things were the BEST EVER. 

So I set up some rules: 
  1. Only accept items that are appropriate for my lifestyle. 
  2. Never lie about what sucks, but always be kind in my distaste.
  3. Always say YES to what I love. 
  4. Stop if I feel like I have to lie. 
And so, my Blossom VoxBox arrived taking a survey on Influenster's website. I knew they were looking for specific bloggers to represent them, but I underestimated their ability to hone in on what might be fitting to my life (and thus, our content). 

Maybe Doubting Thomas comes in here, but when my box arrived I was thrilled with its contents. And over the following two weeks, my happiness with most of the products grew and bloomed -I suppose, like a blossom. 

Without further ado, my reviews in two forms: (1) picture and (2) word. 
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

LOVE. I mean, my heart has not ever been one to set specifically on a moisturizer. As long as it's covering enough to make my face feel smooth without being too thick and contains SPF I'm a happy camper. But since trying this Equitance, I understand how people have favorites.

It's covering, moist, and doesn't make me wish I had more to apply half way through the day. I have skin that's prone to acne in all the ways so I was relieved to use it without any whitehead-looking consequences. It soaks in quickly and doesn't react with my foundation or powder in any way that make me feel cakey or uncovered. Basically, give it a go friends.

It seems important to note I am a self-professed tortilla chip lover. Serve them with queso or salsa or guacamole or plain, I want to eat them all. So when Beanitos were in my Blossom VoxBox I was a little bit worried (and disappointed) because I didn't know how I'd feel about them. But I got home from work one afternoon and was hungry -hangry- while Jason was stuck at work late. I wanted a snack that was healthy, but not overly filling and Beanitos were in the cabinet singing my name.

I dipped them in salsa and ended up inhaling the entire bag before I knew what hit me. The texture of the chips is different than regular tortilla chips, but they're healthier with their fiber content. The Chipotle BBQ are delicious and easy to munch on both salsa-ed up and plain. The Sea Salt (not pictured) were not my cup of tea simply because they weren't flavorful and fun, just chips with an odd texture.

First and foremost, I love a good tan. It makes me feel strong and healthy and just, tan, but I know the dangers of the sun. Those very dangers are something I have to be especially sensitive to because my dad had skin cancer and my mom's had a few pre-cancerous spots removed. Irish skin be damned. In high school I was a ridiculously dedicated self-tanner, applying the lotion that darkens over the course of the day and has sparkle in it, but as a grown-up, this sort of goodness doesn't work.

I really wanted to love Airbrush Legs. I really, truly wanted to fall in love with the way I felt about healthy, sun-free tanning. I applied it to my exfoliated, shaved legs a few times and hoped it would be a sudden AHA moment of loveliness. But, I felt streaky and sort of orange. I didn't dig the way that I couldn't get it right and when the third time wasn't the charm, I stopped with tenacity and took to SPF and pool time.

It seems important to begin this by saying that I'm an avid Naked Palette user. By avid I mean the three palettes are the only eye shadow I own and use and have purchased in the last few years. They're comprehensive in their colors and easy to apply (and remove) so I've stuck with what I love. So my heart dropped a little bit when I saw the NYC City Proof eyeshadow pencil in my VoxBox.

I didn't know if I even wanted to bother trying it on. But, for honesty's sake, I wore it for a few days. And I enjoyed using it to color the corners and creases of my eyes (something I normally do with darker Urban shades). However, it was too sticky for me, too thick on my lids and made me feel sort of shadow-y dark -unlike any way I do my make-up.

I've always loved granola -a trait that I believe was passed down from my dad-, but with the rise of granola makers (and flavors) I've realized I'm a picky granola eater. I like granola to be crunchy, but not so hard it feels like it's going to crack my teeth. I want it to be tasty, but not overly sweet. There's also a perfect oats to nut and berry ratio. When I opened my box I was excited to see Bear Naked's granola, but knew there'd be a high order to follow because of my granola-opinions. I enjoyed the flavor of both packets I received, favoring the Caramel Apple flavor on my acai bowl last weekend.

This ended up coming at the perfect time in my life. I happened to buy some shampoo and conditioner that I loved the smell of but were too heavy for my fine (but thick) hair. I didn't want to bother buying more shampoo after spending a small fortune, so I was attempting to stick it out and make stringy hair a new trend. When the happy green VoxBox arrived I was thrilled to have new shampoo (and for free). I love this stuff.

I'm a picky shampoo user. I want a shampoo that has it all: smell, bubble ratio, and beautiful hair. I didn't know if the paraben-free deal would be for me (or as strong as I wanted), but it was and is and will be for my next shampoo purchase. My hair feels clean and soft regardless of how many days it's been since the last shampoo.

In closing, would I do it again? 
For now, yes. 

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