Monday, April 13, 2015

the creative process: using the instagrams

I imagine creativity like a baby. It moves in a cycle of rest, consumption and output. It needs constant attention and devotion, sometimes in the darkest hours of night or hellish moments of first light. But, like a sweet infant, it grows. And if we're lucky, it grows into a beautiful, energetic blessing that gives of itself over and over again.

But, like a baby, the nutrients, the provisions in the moments of intense hunger, must be good, nutritious, worthwhile. An essential part of the creative process is identifying what feeds you in the deepest of ways.

With the rise of Instagram and my love for all things art, I've come to realize I am greatly influenced by art and images. Sometimes I find myself feeling threatened or stupefied by other authors' words and structures. WHile they are are interesting and worthwhile to study, I can fall down a deep, dark rabbit hole of comparison. But color and composition draw me in, inspire me, and eventually lead to my own productive word work.

Here are three of my go-to Instagram inspirations: 

And her Instagram
Colors evoke emotions in us. Did you know that? It's not some made up fact from your elementary school art teacher, but a true scientific discovery. So, find colors that do something for you when you're trying to get in your zone. For me, blues and greens and whites often calm me, help me to fall into an almost meditative work. Yellows, oranges, and pinks bring out the happy emotions in me, usually bringing me to write about the joy or love in a specific moment.

Aside from my process, Emily's is gorgeous. I swoon when she posts her paint table and it's unintentional, but entirely divine, patterns and textures.

and her Instagram 
The best photos are full of emotion. And I'm a believer in that emotion brings forth words, one thousand words to be exact. When inspiration is waning and my heart just isn't in it, I look through pictures. Sometimes through my own Instagram feed, but often through the feeds of others. You can bet this one is constantly in that mix.

The tenderness in these images almost breaks my heart to pieces. I want to hug these photos tight to my heart and keep them in a shoe box in my closet because these moments are so fleeting, so taken for granted, and yet, so profoundly beautiful.

and her Instagram 
The work-life balance is a real sticking point for me. I often find myself guilty for being too invested in the one and not the other... Sometimes wasting precious productive hours wavering between what to do with full gusto. And then I found the refreshing feed of Julie Ann Art and realized, do both well and you'll survive. She's got an online card business (with snark-tastic creations that speak straight to my soul) and is enjoying her time as a newlywed and just kicking ass while taking names.

Sometimes I swing by her spot just to remember it's about life AND work, not ever resting solely in the camp of one. Balance. Balance. Balance.

And who is your creative Five-Hour Energy on Instagram? 


  1. Ah, how did I miss this on Monday?! Off to follow these people. I'm pretty obsessed with everything on Instagram these days. Gravitating a lot toward mothers that do a super artful job of photogrpahing their children, which I realize is kind of odd for a single lady in her twenties to be drawn to, but alas, such is life. Also in love with anything that is bright and super colorful.

  2. Oh girl, I completely understand that! Some of my favorite IG accounts are people who do really amazing animal observations out in the middle of nowhere. I am not a fan of camping or removing myself from a comfy bed and warm shower but SHOW ME ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.


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