Wednesday, April 22, 2015

the creative process: surround yourself

Life's always better in community. That's why we come online and seek connections with other bloggers who write through their messes. That's why family dinners are joyful and chaotic and fill more than our bellies. To live is to crave connection, or so it seems. And our creative lives are no different.

We need people to push us forward, cheer us on, encourage our deepest of dreams. We crave the ability to share in our processes with one another, granting ourselves the chance to see the ups and downs of the creatives around us. And, lately, this itch to connect has been stronger. 


Community is why collaborations are delightful and divine. So when Cassie mentioned what a joy it would be to work together, I, of course, was thrilled. Her heart for community exceeds my own and her soul constantly encourages me. 

Our collaboration came quickly in conversations about connections and making the online more real, more honest, more vulnerable. And from here the idea for #morethanaframe, a new Instagram hashtag that we hope to see become a community, bloomed. 

THE HEART BEHIND #morethanaframe: 

Our brands and blogs are beautiful and such fun reflections of who we are, but we know community doesn't simply happen in highlight reels, in pretty composed pictures, in beautiful calligraphy, but just outside of those perfectly choreographed square frames. Community happens in the way we nod our heads about that quote you shared, smile while we send a pink confetti bomb emoticon for your victories, and feel heavy through the losses. 

Through #morethanaframe we hope to expand our Instagram feeds beyond their frames, to break out of the seamless brands, color schemes, and themes to show the way our life happens. It is on foundations of vulnerability and honesty that community is built and #morethanaframe promises to be a start for greater connections. 

HOW DOES #morethanaframe WORK? 

It's simple, really. Each Sunday, Cassie and I will post the prompt for the week. It'll be a single word or short phrase to help center your thoughts. On Mondays, we will begin using the #morethanaframe hashtag while sharing our frames and the hearts outside of that square space. 

You can post at any time during the week. You can post one time or two times or multiple times. You can skip the sharing and simply comment all over the place. We just hope to see sharing our lives beyond the online brands we've created happen. 

Take advantage of both the picture and the caption. Something weighing on your heart? A trend appearing over and over again in your life? Itching to give context to your creative process? Do it right there in the caption and let us connect with you beyond the beautiful blog (or brand) you've created. 

Each week we'll feature our favorite shots and frames on our blogs. Of course, you're allowed to participate in whatever capacity you desire. This means, you don't have a blog and you don't have to worry because this is about community. 

Without further delay, we've got the prompts for you: 


You're invited to participate in #morethanaframe from now until forevermore by posting your picture using the hashtag. We'll hit it off starting THIS Sunday, April 26th. 


  1. This is such an awesome idea! I can't wait to get started!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! I can't wait to join in and see this community blossom!

  3. YES. I'm so excited for this. #collabofthecentury

  4. Yessss girl! I'm so so so thankful you're going to be a part of this because WE NEED YOU. :)

  5. Kendra, you. will. change. this. place.

    and that thrills me. :)

  6. It wouldn't be the same without you.


  7. LOVE THIS (and obviously also both of you).

    authenticity is so pertinent in life.
    not the comparisons and the "why isn't my life life that" and hopefully people will see that it's in all the chaos and realness that we find true connections.

    p.s. shitler gets so angry when it takes me too long to take a picture. like threatens my very life. so that always keeps me in check.

  8. I'm so excited to be a part of this! You both are so wonderful, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through this community. :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi. I loved this. So much. I still love this and will forevermore. Thank you for kick starting it and being revolutionary. You are good to my soul.

  10. Also, ps, lame question: what do you use to make your images so pretty?

  11. shitler. can you stop being so testy?
    (my dad loved that word and it's so... weird)

  12. yes girl yes! i'm so glad you're there and present because GORGEOUS SPIRIT YOU ARE.

  13. I use PicTapGo. YOU MUST TRY. It's like $.99. But THE EASIEST.

  14. I missed the first one, but I can't wait to join in going forward, I love this idea. I'm going to go and click around on the ones posted already.

  15. Question: do you also use that app for the overlays? Like the little squares with your words and whatnot? #inept


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